YAAAAYYYYYY!! I am super excited for you to see this project close as another one opens!!

India182 Promo Vid gives the finale of my 6 months trip around India, as Jesus opened my eyes to His beauty and glory in India! This short video brings forth the behind the scenes of INDIA182, with short video recording of my travels, and a summary of all that had happened in my journey with Jesus!

For those that are more interested and have questions about specific testimonies, God’s grace and faithfulness during the journey, and what’s happening next, I would encourage you to watch the INDIA182 interview which gives an in depth explanation of INDIA182, testimonies from the journey, lessons learned, and the exciting new projects that are coming up these next 2 years!




This will be the last post that I will post up onto this site!

For more updates, pictures, & exciting journeys with Jesus and I, check out my new site:


I hope to hear from you soon and have you travel with me on more journeys with Jesus!


Much love from India!!


INDIA182: The last debrief! ! !


It is done.

It is finished.

And yet, it was finished long long ago when the Son of God came down as a son of man, so that the sons of man can be sons of God. It was never about the destination, but more about the journey and what God has opened my eyes to during it.

Through trusting Him countless of times and seeing Him come through every single time, I have grown to understand more of how to live a daily life with God.

As I sit here in the airport, I ponder on the things that have impacted my life; these past 182 days.
They have become part of me; have encouraged me and blessed me. And now I’m standing with Jesus at the end of this journey, with all of you that have supported me through prayers and encouragements. I stand here with thoughts of things I could have done better but reassuring thoughts that tell me that I made it and that God is proud.

I truly want to express my gratitude towards all of you that have been part of my journey these last 6 months, and have contributed so much in your time, heart, and prayers. I thank you so much, from the deepest part of my heart.

But with a journey finished, a new one begins! With Jesus I will continue taking journey by journey; step by step. For this is what I believe as eternal life: living with Jesus, starting now, and continuing this relationship after I have reached the pearly gates.

Please be tuned in for my next endeavors! I will be spending a month resting and waiting on God to unravel the things I’ve seen, the people I’ve met, and the places I’ve been.

An upcoming event you all can be anticipating for is a promotional clip of INDIA182 launching towards what is to happening next!

This update will be notified through email and posted on this blog. If you are not sure whether or not I have your email, please leave a comment of your email, and I would love to continue updating you!

INDIA182 was a start of something way beyond myself, and it will continue to be a point where I chose to step out more into His faithfulness and His alone.

Much love from India!!

I will be spending the next 2 weeks off the Internet and communications! This time is between Jesus and I! I’m in faith that He will give me a greater picture of what is next!

I hope to be able to contact you guys afterwards!

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

– Jeremiah 29:11

INDIA182: Day 181 debrief! ! !




Theme of the day: A divine meeting in the train cont. + prep prep prep + evening dinner with an unexpected party.

So as I had clued in, on the previous debrief, I had another divine appointment on the train! I was truly cold, relieved, tired, and happy to be finally heading back to Delhi! The couple had settled in next to me and the husband soon started asking me a few questions. We both had a common venture in seeing the Taj Mahal and also surprisingly both working towards ministries as well! I sort of forgot where the conversation went from there, but some how got to talking about Christianity and principles and salvation and aliens and random controversies! It literally happened through out the whole 4 hour train ride to Delhi. Time seemed to flash by; and with an addition input of my tiredness, I was safely in the host family’s house by no time.

I had also gotten the contacts of the couple that were travelling with me. Neel is from Scotland, and his wife is from Kalimpong, and they were inviting me for a prayer meeting with a Nepalese fellowship! Having nothing else planned for the day, I gratefully accepted!

For my rest, I got to sleep in some because of the late arrival the night before. I was greeted in the morning/afternoon by the family host inviting me to their church again for some lunch. There, I got to connect with some of the mercy ministry staff again! Many of them were asking where I’ve been or how my trip was to Jaipur. I also got to reunite with some of the kids I had made friends with earlier!

For the rest of the day, I had to get my itinerary printed, get some cash to pay off a few people that I had forgotten to pay accommodation for, and update this blog! Haha

Sorry for the uber late updates folks! I’ve caught up to speed and am on schedule!

You guys are champions and I have not given up the journey I’m suppose to finish with God!

Later that evening, I got a call from Neel again and got picked up towards his house. The fellowship consisted of 15-16 Nepalese and Northeasterns and Neel’s wife’s grandma and aunt, whom I had met the night before on the train! It was snug little meeting with prayers for each other, testimonies, sharing of truth, and of course: food!

For my last evening in India, I had never expected to be with a group of Nepalese and Northeasterners who I had just met, along with the host who I had just came to know the night before! But I didn’t mind it at all. I was again encouraged of the hope that lived in the houses/flats in these areas, in these districts, in these cities, in this country! It was a good night to end it off with these people from all different types of backgrounds, in all different types of jobs, and in different types of situations. BUT choosing to let that go to God and choosing to love Him here.

And here I am, typing this second to last debrief; not knowing what’s to come, but enjoying the ‘right now’ and loving it with Jesus.

Last debrief coming tomorrow.

Goodnight India.

Prayer Requests:

– Greater wisdom for Neel and his family. May he have more and more understanding of who God is and who he is in Him!

– The Nepalese fellowship to continue flourishing and growing in understanding how to love God in a daily basis; And that life/purpose/destiny is not about the destination BUT ABOUT THE JOURNEY!!!

– a good rest tonight in the presence of God and a surge of vigor to pump me up for the flight tomorrow!

– a safe and peaceful journey back to Singapore; with a family waiting eagerly for their son to come back home.

– a blessing and light to be implanted here in the capital of India. There will be true representatives of Your love rising up from this city and area!!

Much love from India!!


INDIA182: Day 180 debrief! ! !


Theme of the day! Taj Taj Taj Taj Taj!! God leading me to a certain rickshaw driver + divine meeting with people while stuck in a train station!

I missed the bus I had booked for the night before. ): Sad days!! BUT I managed to make it in time for the 8:30am bus! The delay actually worked out pretty well because I had a greater amount of time to say goodbye to my Jaipur peeps! I miss you tons, keep it real, don’t die, and if you do, make sure you know Jesus!

All of today’s experiences are dragging me towards the moment the Taj Mahal caught my eye. BUT there were other amazing things that happened before that and after that as well so those words of imagery will just have to wait!

I had no idea what was going to happen today. My only plan was to see the Taj Mahal and I would be happy to leave! Haha

When I arrived on the last stop, an elderly man immediately caught my eye. I sort of discerned that he was a rickshaw driver looking for tourist to drive around but there was a different sort of a ‘feeling’ to him. I tried to shake off the feeling, but he kept standing there; not pressuring me to take his rickshaw; but just patiently waiting there.

I walked into the tourist information counter that was a few steps next to the bus stop to ask for directions, or at least the distance from here to the Taj Mahal so I wouldn’t get cheated by a rickshaw driver. I still had this huge mountain backpack strapped to me and didn’t know what I was going to do with that. I was seriously in a bit of a frustrated situation but held myself together.

And again the elderly man came to view in the corner of my eye. Being cheated by rickshaw drivers and having lost the trust in many of them, this man seemed so different. I then heard a voice in my head say, “this is a man you trust.” A peace slowly came and I knew it was God. I walked up to him and asked him the distance to the Taj Mahal. He gave me a calm precise distance. He was a studied man, from how he was speaking English. I asked him for the price and he gave me an answer that I’ve never received from other rickshaw drivers in my 6 months in India.

He told me the price that he would usually charge Indians and then told me to give whatever I wanted to. I was dumbstruck by this and was with words for a few seconds there. I had been so accustomed to being in a cold state, when alone and dealing with travels, that this gentleness was so unarming.

This man then gently asked me a few more questions of what else I wanted to do today, and found out shortly that I had no idea what I was going to do. He then offered a full schedule for me, and even a way for me to book my train ticket to Delhi where I could be able to store my backpack during the day!

God shown His faithfulness AGAIN. I was reminded of the short conversation I had with God this morning before heading in to the bus to Agra. I told Him simply that I did not know what I was going to do today but just wanted to see the Taj Mahal. And He simply said that He would provide a way.

And here was this elderly man whom I have never met offering a full schedule for me, and gently offering me to consider what I could pay him! I had no excuse to not take his offer.

Alexander (the rickshaw driver) and I started chatting on our way to the Taj Mahal. Shortly, I found out that he was a follower of Jesus! I could really see the kindness and gentleness of this man as we stopped half way to pick up a homeless boy to a place where he could sell some of his snacks before hitch hiking the train back to his village at night.

Before heading into the Taj Mahal, the rickshaw driver gave me direct information on what to do, who to trust and not trust, and all that good stuff. Haha

And this is where the words of imagery come in.

The only word I could think of, in my experience of seeing the Taj, is surreal.

It seemed like the world slowed down to a steady halt. My feet were heavy and light at the same time; I was caught in a realm between gravity and weightlessness. It seemed like a painting I could reach out and touch, just to bring me back to a sense of reality; that this was a 2d well done piece of art; not something that could evolve.

And as I reached out, I stepped into the painting; into another world. I took my time examining such a wonderful structure; literally taking cautious steps towards this beauty that could possibly disappear if I made any wrong move. And now I could not imagine what would be found behind the pearly gate if I’ve seen this and marveled at it! I’m so so excited! AHH! Haha

Before leaving, I couldn’t help but do a little bit of a prayer walk around the place, releasing the Holy Spirit there to create opportunities for people to catch God’s glory!

And as I walked out, back to reality, my thoughts wavered about. Thank You, Jesus, for such a wonderful time at the Taj Mahal! It really had made my day! Oh, but it was long from over!

I had some good lunch, a quick trip to pick up my backpack again, a market place to buy a few more gifts, and then towards the train station! All during that time, Alexander and I were getting to know each other more! We were talking about family, and friends, and jobs, and what was next in life. Alexander was as gentle and friendly as ever the whole time! He was really a sign of hope for me on these days of my journey! Praise the Lord!!

God had not stopped moving with this but kept it going! I had arrived on time for my train but found out that the train was going to be late for 2 hours! Not knowing what to do, I continued to listen to God in what to do. I sat down at a bench to read when a couple shortly sat next to me. I started a conversation with them, and soon found out that they were an engaged couple from the states visiting their relatives in India! We exchanged more information and got to just speaking about youth and success and what not. I simply gave my personal views at this time and encouraged this guy look past what every one else was doing and what the media was teaching and left it at that. During my short testimony of what I was doing here, the guy told me afterwards about how 10 years of his life had flashed before his eyes, and whether what he did was worth it.

I didn’t answer his question but simply prayed under my breath. I knew that what I had sown was enough to keep him searching. I knew the Holy Spirit was the one to guide and counsel this time. Not me.

We said our farewells and applauded at the arrival of the much anticipated train!

And then arriving to my seat, I was seated to another family that God had appointed me to meet! That will be for tomorrow’s debrief. I think this is enough reading for you to do. Haha

Extra high fives for those that read through this!!

Prayer Requests:

– please pray for rest for tomorrow’s FINAL FULL DAY IN INDIA!!

– Also pray for Alexander and the couple I had met today! May they continue encountering Jesus and fall deeper into the love of God!

You’re love carries me through all the valleys and the darkest places.

You are faithful.

Much love from India!!


INDIA182: Day 179 debrief. . .


Theme of the Day! KITE DAY/ last day in Jaipur.

Gage and I woke up at the same time with a boom box blasting music near the window. Today was the day. My last day in Jaipur, yet the best day that I’ll have here if I pull it off!

I pushed myself off the bed to a lazy start. Most of the Martins’ family had already awoken and were getting things set up for the Kite Day. Kites were already blazing around in the sky as I made it to the terrace. It was like colorful jellyfish swimming around in the sky. I got my self a cup of coffee, sat on the terrace for a bit, looking out at the wonderful city full of music, kites, and joy.

Now these kites were not any kind of kites. They were definitely the kind of kites that I used to fly around when I was a kid. They had a special way to get them out of the ground, because of the lack of running space on the roofs. But other than the special way of flying these kites, these kites weren’t just for flying and looking pretty. These kites were used for cutting down other kites. In Jaipur, they would use this special glass string for the kites so they could be able to cut down other kites up in the air! These strings were not to be handled too lightly, because they would slice your fingers up if you didn’t have tape or gloves to use them! Haha So whenever there would be a kite sliced down, there would be screams and whoops of joy at the victory of another kite cut.

Most of the afternoon was relaxed and set up with food; glorious food! We filled ourselves up with snacks and samosas and puffs! AH! So good!

Later that night, Gage and I headed for a last skate mob. It was really a night to remember. We had the greatest crowd of auto rickshaw drivers talking to us, and asking us to help them on the skate board, and taking pictures of us skating. But all that was fun and dandy till an auto rickshaw driver invited to bring us back home for free! Not really thinking, we immediately accepted it and thought, ‘what could go wrong!’

I won’t go into much details but it was one of the weirdest nights I’ve had in India! Haha A little brief summary would include a textile place in an alley way, Gage being called a sexy man, random sensual things that were randomly questioned to us, and feeling like we were dealing with someone from the mafia.

We eventually made it back as the auto rickshaw driver had promised us.

And to finish it off, an amazing dinner over a campfire.

Thank you Jesus for Your protection and faithfulness, even when we’re acting stupid and not thinking where we are heading into! Haha Tomorrow, I take a bus to Agra for a day just to see the Taj Mahal and of course see what else or who else God brings me to!

Prayer Requests:

– pray for God’s leading hand to be with me as I have no idea what is planned for tomorrow in Agra (except the Taj Mahal)

– May God’s will be done these last days of the journey!!

Jaipur, thank you so so much for all of your love and hospitality and joy! These few days of memories will not be easily forgotten!

Much love from India!!