INDIA182: Day 1 debrief. . .


After a full day of eating with my hands, drinking more than 10 cups of chai, seeing many cows, chickens, pigs, and goats, scrubbing walls, and getting to evangelize in the slums; I can say for India already. The only analogy I can think of right now is trying to drink from a hose that’s blasting chai at your face. But that’s India; it forces everything at you in the first day. But I love it. (:
Praise the Lord for His strength and presence with me all day today! Let it be everyday!! Haha thank you God for giving me such a heart for these lovely people.
Please please pray for this man on the right (Stallion) for you might be seeing him more often this next 6 months! He feels that he is being called to travel with me around India but needs to speak to his leader tomorrow. Let Your will be done God! Also please pray against the spirit of idolatry to be broken in this place and in all the places that I God leads me to. There is a deep deep root that involves fear and culture behind the idolatry. Also for this area, please pray for the spirit of drinking and alcoholism.
It’s the first day but God had already been speaking TONS! More to be revealed!! Stayed tuned in folks!!

Bless you and thank you for prayers!!

Much love from India!


2 thoughts on “INDIA182: Day 1 debrief. . .

  1. Love ya Marty!
    Sounds like a gold first day champ!
    Praying for you, India and Stallion.
    Praise God dude.

  2. Alphra Tse says:

    What is chai? Wow! How is it feel like to eat with your hand @-@ ? Pray for you every day. Love mom*^

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