INDIA182: Day 2 debrief. . .


Today was amazing!! After being able to go to a nursery to teach a few songs to 2-4 year old kids, God started speaking to me towards building the schedule for my 6 months travel. Every base I would arrive to, I would immediately jump into different types of ministries during my week of stay to experience first hand what is happening in that area and what further clarity God will bring along the way!! I went with the local ministry team again this afternoon for slum evangelism. What has inspired me with this local team is whether rain or sun, they will go out every day to pray in many families in the slums except for Saturday. That afternoon, there was so much rain fall that we had to cross through this river that had formed to get to the slums. Haha
In one of the families, a lovely grandma that was asking for prayer told me not to forget her and pray for her as you can see her picture on the top right.
This amazing man on the bottom right (besides me) is one of the leaders of the local ministry team. I got to hear his ministry tonight which was full of God amazing glory!!
It’s the beginning of the journey but already, I feel so much has happened and I know these people so well.
Please pray for my strength and trust in the Lord as the enemy knows I am knocking holes in to his strongholds BUT as I continue to focus on Jesus, my Shepard, I will not fear because He is will me till the very end! Amen. Haha

Your prayers rock my socks off! That’s why I’ve decided to wearing sandals here (;

Much love from India!


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