INDIA182: Day 3 debrief. . .


I don’t think the real culture shock of me being in India has hit me yet because it has been raining 24/7 since I’ve arrived because it is monsoon season over here. I guess my culture shock will not come in till I hit another city in India that is much hotter and drier than the place I am now. Though the plus side of lonavala is that it’s quite cool here from the rain and God has given me a place that I can slowly transition into rather than a great big change. (: God is good like that.
So today was the last day of the week-long cleaning that the base set up which was good to see even the base leader getting into all the scrubbing and mopping and unclogging drains. Haha
And at the end ,of course, we had to celebrate with some BBQ. Mhmm. Good stuff.
So tomorrow will pretty much a day of rest for the base along with the rest of the following week as they try to get all the rest they can get before the big september quarter.
Please pray for me tomorrow as I am preparing to contact more bases to gather a greater schedule in where my journey will be next! I just got a whole bunch of contacts of many of the major bases in India praise the Lord! Soooo the next possibly bases will be either Bangalore or Mumbai. Pray, suggest, vote. (:

Hope you guys are doing great!

Much love from India


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