Quick apology for the tech diff!

Hey guys!

Sorry that there’s 2 days that’s been delayed due to the lack of Internet in this new area/city I’m in called Goa. Also that means the lack of debriefs that have been able to be out BUT THATS OKAY! (:
This debrief is just going to be a little bit extra!
Day 6:
Before leaving my first base, lonavala, and heading down to Goa, God had spoken to me during the last worship and intercession to go to a high place in each area that I arrive to, to read Isaiah 58 out to the area and declare Jesus’ reign over that place. So to fulfill what God has spoken, I travelled with up my friend Praba to lion point; A high place filled with mist and a light rain when we arrived. Please pray that God’s glory will pour forth from that place and God will continue pouring down His strength and love!

Day 7:
After and amazing experience in a 3a sleeper train where God gave me the opportunity to share the gospel to 3 hindus that were also in my compartment, I arrived in the small city of Goa (apparently where they screened the beginning of Bourne supremacy and the best beaches in India. BUT it’s not good to go there now because it’s monsoon season so sucks for me.) after 18 hours in the train, I got picked up at 7am to small yet such a hospitable base. And specially that morning, the dts there was having worship and intercession so i got to join them praise the Lord! And then afterwards,spending a class with the current DTS there taking notes on hearing the voice of God. I got to meet up with the leader who graciously prepared a week schedule for the ministries i was to visit while there.
Please pray on whether I should stay here an extra week to rest/study/worship/intercede. And also pray that I will continue putting my all into Jesus and what He has for me!

Day 8:
I got to go the a preschool that is a ministry that the base is running at the moment. It was really good to see that ywam is trying to work in all spheres of life from childhood to adulthood. I was really encouraged today in getting to ENCOURAGE! So good! Haha
Side note: 90% of the little kids come from the slums.
Please pray that the seeds sown in these kids lives will take root and be a growing impact for them to hold on to Jesus when His revelation is shown to them! Also pray for the next day as I have been invited to lead worship with my newly found friend, MG, and that Gods presence will be radical as we step past the veil tomorrow!

Day 9:
The schedule for today brought me to another preschool further out from the base that gave education to kids that were 100% from the slums. (: surprisingly, the kids here were alot more disciplined and attentive though there were occasional cries for their mothers and such.BUT TODAY WAS GOOD. (: all the preparation was set yesterday night for the worship today and praise the Lord, God moved and brought such an uproar and shouts of joy from the community. The word that God spoke that afternoon was wholeheartedness. The question again in whether our all was put into our time with Him.
Afterwards, I got to here one of the DTS student’s testimony of how his wife died and got to encourage him in his authority and identity in Christ and his vision that he got from God for this tribe in India. (: God is good, ALL THE TIME!
Goals I want to have finished before these 6 months are over:
1. Have a greater clarity in God’s vision for India.
2. A greater heart and discipline in my relationship with JESUS!
3. Have a beard
4. Be a pro at eating with my hands
5. Be able to bargain and win through speaking hindu in the market. (:

And the list continues…

Thank you for continuing to be faithful in prayer for me as every word of prayer is a blessing and encouragement for me to push forward with Christ on this journey full of curry and chai and all that good stuff. (: more updates & pictures to come!

Much love from India!



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