INDIA182: Day 12 debrief. . .


And after a huge scheduled week in lovely lovely Goa, there’s only one thing left to do before leaving. MG and I went up to the highest point near the base in the afternoon. The day was pretty set with church in the morning in another area of Goa called vascow; and afterwards, wandering around the markets looking for cheap things and trying to bargain them cheaper.
So there MG and I stood with my ukulele and my Bible ready to do some worship and intercession and reading Isaiah 58 before dedicating this place to the Lord.
But when we got up there, I just had to look around in awe of God’s creativity and beauty that He’s given India.
My good friend, Rakesh and I were talking about the caste system in India earlier today and how it is so embedded in to the greed and selfishness of the higher class to have an excuse to not help the lower class so they will continue to stay that way. I pray and encourage you to pray with me also for God to continue moving in India because it is through Jesus alone that this lovely country can move toward God both spiritually and physically; with not only souls saved but also the tending of the land and pollution and tending to the sick and poor. All this I pray that God will give revelation upon revelation of visions and dreams of what can be done to bring the kingdom of God closer and closer to India. Let it be!
So I’ll be leaving tomorrow evening at around 8:45pm from vascow station towards Bangalore!! (: please pray that I will get to meet more people on the train that I can tell Christ to!!
I’m gonna miss you Goa.
Thanks for all the prayers guys! I can’t believe the journey has only still begun! I’m loving it here though and excited to see what’s next!
Please also pray for the DTS students here along with the youth in this area to catch fire on God and start their extravagant journey in chasing to know God’s heart for the nations.

Much love from India!


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