INDIA182: Day 13 debrief. . .

Goa, India. I am definitely going to miss your wonderful people and breathtaking landscapes and beaches.
Thank you so much for the blessings and prayers and laughter and fun. Goa DTS, I will miss you dearly as some of you have just started on your journey with the Lord and have such an amazing vision ahead that God is going to burn your passion with! I pray that God will continue to pour revelation upon revelation you as you continue anticipating on His moving in your life! I love you guys and will not forget you!
I hope that this following week, you will dive nonstop into the heart of the Father! Go for it!
I am currently in a sleeper train and excited to see what else God has for me in the next destination: Bangalore! 😄
Please for a good nights rest in Gods arms as His strength rises in me in the morning.
Please also pray for the breaking of the curse of the lower caste in women which had been corrupted since the fall of man.
I believe that the dreams of the lower caste will explode in their life when they know their identity in Christ and they know that they don’t have to stay in their caste system but that God had a dream for each of them before they were born! Let it be Father! Let these dreams that You have for You children in India that you have stored in a storehouse in heaven be poured when you break the stronghold of caste system in this wonderful country that is coming back to You Jesus!!

May blessing be befallen on those who agree in this prayer as we build and shout and declare together for You kingdom to come here!

Much love from India.



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