INDIA182: Day 15 debrief. . .

I missed home for the first time today. No it is the second time because I missed it before this I remember writing it down in this blog. Haha
But yes! Missing came and went when I pushed passed the comfort to a new found beauty in Christ. Wherever Christ is, I want to be as comfortable with Him as my home is getting more and more in Christ’s heart; God’s bosom.
This day was filled with a single day of laughter and new found friends as we ventured into cleaning up this room that was full of smelly trash that has been there for who knows when! There was occasional screams from the boys as we had a disturbed a family of rats in their home and they would suddenly spring out while we were pulling the trash out.
I didn’t get into any of the surrounding ministries today BUT IT SHALL HAPPEN TOMORROW as I have gotten a schedule finally for tomorrow and the rest of the remaining of the week.
Praise the Lord for His provision in my sustaining my strength that comes from Him and a growing passion in His heart for this nation!
Please pray for this area of Bangalore as this base is crying out for worshippers and intercessors and prophets to step out and answer the call of God’s call into missions and His call for them to be His mouthpiece!! Amen!! Let more rise Lord!!

Much love from India!



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