INDIA182: Day 16 debrief. . .


Today was the full rush of God’s love which I was waiting for and longing for cuz I was expecting it since I got here. The first day in Bangalore in ministry was not disappointing at all. God dropped me in all again the start of the day with this ministry here called MEM which focuses out toward the rural areas in Bangalore and partners with the pastors in that area with medical camps to help open the hearts toward the gospel. It had another wing which was a day care and hygiene, biblical training for kids in the slums that need the understanding towards healthy physical living. Exciting stuff i know! (:
So the start of the day was with MEM (part of YWAM Bangalore) in helping children and just spending time with them!
The second part of the day brought me to another ministry which was more of a local (in the city ministry) that has separate wings as well with children day care, a medical evangelism, and house visitations. I had the honor to join the medical evangelism team that went out to separate families first to help them with their health and their lack of money from to get medical help and of course prayer at the end. Afterwards, we had a spot to set up shop and wait for any one that could come and seek for help and any patching up. (:
I didn’t know what to do much during the second part of the day because I didn’t know much medical help so i just prayed under my breath for healing or a greater knowledge of Jesus for them. (:
And while I was just proud of my team and looking around the place, a boy came up me randomly and asked for me to pray for him. (: I happily did and then other children starting asking as well! It was just a blessed time where God showed me the power of prayer and value of it even in children!

Yes I know this debrief is getting quite long but for those that have chosen to continue reading, there’s some juicing things you can be praying about that I learned from the leader of ywam Bangalore when I had a nice chat with him at dinner tonight. (: I got to find out about the land of Bangalore and how the spiritual atmosphere is here. The great diversity of Bangalore in a child born here would probably have to learn 5 languages from the reordering of boundaries of land in the 60s that caused much blood shed from the territory change of states and religion mixes. A great spirit of humanism is starting to grow in this metropolitan city though a young hope is rising and will continue to rise! Amen!
So prayer requests:
Bangalore atmosphere here to be healed from the pollution, many become sick.
Families have their eyes open to the Lord in bringing the true living water; not alcohol!
For the spirit of depression, suicide, and humanism to be broken in the name of Jesus!
For diversity to be brought in to a greater unity and the crack in the wall of the caste system to be wider and wider!

A great big hug from me if you read through all of this!
Thank you so so much for the prayers and support!

Much love from India!


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