INDIA182: Day 20 (plus last few days) debrief. . .


So where to start?

Praise the Lord, He has been faithful and true in unlocking more and more of the wonderful country of India everyday! It’s been phenomenal in how much I’ve learnt in a month of traveling around here.

Again I want to apologize for the lack of debriefs for the last couple of nights from the lack of time I’ve had towards the busy schedule here! So do prepare yourselves for a long debrief to come!

Day 17:

Oh my goodness! Hold the phone today was for the win!
Having to spend the night at the MEM ministry (medical ministry) because of the early departure we had this morning. We had to wake up at around 5:30am to start packing the medicine and supplies into the ambulance truck and at 6, we were off!
Our early travels brought us 4 hours away up north in a village that was reported to be suffering from HIV and AIDS. Our team was to go and help serve the 4 doctors that would give the prescriptions for us to supply them with the medicine. And in turn, this would hopefully open up a greater opportunity towards the pastor in that area that invited us.
The day was full on, as we arrived at around 9 am, with over 250 patients (children and adults). We were still passing out the medicine and weighing people and taking their blood pressure and temperature till 5:30pm where there was only one brave doctor left to check the patients.
Please for this village (GLP) as they are struggling with this cursed sickness and have only JESUS to come and bring healing not only physically but spiritually as well!
Also pray for my strength for the next couple of days as my cold is getting better, praise the Lord!

Day 18:

Today is Sunday!! I decided to stay another night at the MEM house as we arrived really late the night before. I decided to join an amazing Brazilian brother with his wife and a Spanish girl, that was volunteering at the time, to church. Before we went in, I was told about the church and how it was only for the higher class people. I was shocked to hear such a thing that the caste system was also ingrained in the Christian churches here as well!
After the church, we decided to treat ourselves with some coffee and then pizza hut for lunch which was a huge blessing! I haven’t been to a nice restaurant for a while and it seemed weird to step into, what it seemed to me, a new world away from India. Haha
During that time, our conversations got really deep as we started talking about india and the spiritually atmosphere here. And the revelation came to me of the great similarities from London to India! London having almost the same percentage of higher class people compared to the lower class people that live in custom houses are basically the same towards India and its major gap between the higher class and the slums. And also the confusion of many beliefs and media that would leaving my generation in desperate chaos from the lack of satisfaction in their hearts from the truth: Jesus Christ
And that is why the city of London has so many riots happening there and over in India, the increasing amount of children joining gangs with news of bomb blasts happening around.
Please pray for this, as my vision from God becomes clearer in breaking the caste system that’s been so rooted into the cultures of India.
FYI: The two heads in the picture you would see in day 20 is a practice in Hinduism that is said to chase away evil spirits or prevent jealousy in stealing from that area or place. I even heard in some areas/villages, they would use sandals to guard certain areas because they believe that the sandal would slap the evil spirits away! Haha interesting.

Day 19:

Amazing amazing day! I was encouraged to rest today because of the intense couple of days that I had before. I got to meet up with this amazing guy, Bryan, from the states, that was here for a couple of more days with an organization that is building a Christian boarding school for kids in the slums/orphans to bring them Christian values at a young age. Their site:
The main event for today was an open meeting at the base which brought worship and praise and a wonderful dance from the Korean team that was in one of our ministries. After a quick message from Jon, a man that I would be planning to meet up with the director the next day, we had an amazing feast to celebrate! (today was also known as friendship day in which I had received some phone calls from several Indian friends)
The night closed down pretty quickly though Bryan, Vimal (from the org: Bridgestones), and I were still hungry and wide awake. So we decided to sneak out and have a greater feast! Haha so the night was filled with feasting and laughter as I dined with these amazing brothers that were leaving too soon.
Please pray that this organization (bridgestones) will continue to flourish and be a huge light in the country of India.
And please pray that I will continue to be in humility an obedience to God as He continues to walk with me and work in me and refine me from holiness to holiness.

Day 20:

So the night before, the director of Bangalore had invited me for breakfast the next morning to talk and to speak about what was going on in the base and just to exchange encouragements, stories and connections. I was also blessed to see the visiting organization, Bridgestones, to be there as I also got to hear their visions in what God has given them passion for India. It was really exciting to be part of this growing hope to see India transformed and flourish. Hours past until 2:30 where the organization was catching a flight back to the states and I had an appointment with a pastor to do some house visiting. Sadly the house visit was delayed but I also counted it as a blessing as I had the chance to dive into what I was going to speak on in the wonderful epistle of Philippians! I am still really really thankful for that time to go back into studying the Bible which I’ve missed doing.
The house visit was great as i sensed a atmosphere of peace as soon as I stepped into the house. The pastor that invited me had started this ministry many years ago in reaching the people in the slums. The humble house that we worshipped in was in the slums and was provided by a family that was living in that area.
I gave a message from Phil. 2:12 in bringing the focus to Jesus and His trust in them to act the same way in the church as in out of the church in unity in faith, mind, and spirit.
Surprisingly afterwards, the pastor mentioned to me the extreme amount of peace that was in the house which was unusual to the many visits before. Praise the Lord for His presence and love that He showed in that place in which many have agreed to stay accountable towards going to church and asking to be prayed for!
Please continue to pray for this pastor’s ministry as he is still passionate to see the people in his area to be as passionate about God, if not more!
Also pray for the base of Bangalore as they have new ministries birthing in helping the local slum community get jobs to support their family. One of them is a project called Esther which focuses on the mothers which are taught how to sew and to restore dignity to the women. Another of them is the free education given to children which would include Christian values to rise hope in the next generation!

And that is about it. You are a champion if you have read through this and I love your heart to continue to walk with Jesus and I on this journey which is still just the beginning!!

Much love from India!!


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