INDIA182: Day 21 debrief. . .

I was finally pressured into washing my clothes today. It’s when my backpack is starting to get empty which is totally abnormal because it is stuffed full all the time. Haha
A couple of the staff from the ywam Bangalore base were joking with me on the terrace in commenting on my ‘Indian style washing’. I liked the work out though of a good ‘ol bucket soap wash to get my clothes clean. (:
I continued hearing from people and also the Lord to rest so I didn’t have much of a choice. I got to use the opportunity in being able to connect more with the current DTS team going through their lecture phase. Through out this week, a greater growth in my table tennis skills have rose since the gathering of DTS students were usually there. Haha
In the afternoon, I got connected with a another organization that were asking Coline (a French environmentalist that is currently helping the base in Bangalore) and I to help them volunteer at this school they were heading to for the week. The location would literally be at the tip of India where there is this missionary boarding school were all the missionary kids are. As the director and his wife took us out for coffee to explain more about it, their plan is to stay for a week to play music, dramas/skits, small groups, teachings, and encouragement to these missionary kids that have some grown in bitterness towards God because of the lack of understanding in why their parents have left them there for God.
As I was hearing more their ministry, called breaking barriers, in which work in secular schools as well teaching life values to youth, I was moved and touched to see the opportunity that God had laid before me. It was also a great plan in heading all the way down before heading back up to 2 other bases south from Bangalore.
Please pray for us as we are planning to start our preparations for this trip on Friday to schedule in what is going to happen the rest of the week! Praise the Lord for this amazing opportunity to reach the youth and give an opportunity for them to open up their hearts and actually experience who God is!
Please also pray for my open-handedness towards God’s will for where and when I am suppose to go place to place for I was convicted in trying to take it into my own hands again through trying to stay in each base for a week when God might want me to stay longer.
I will climb this mountain with Him with my hands wide open!!

Much love from India!


One thought on “INDIA182: Day 21 debrief. . .

  1. YES Martin- I am praying for you! This is incredibly exciting.
    Don’t give up or slow down. Keep runnin up the mountain!
    Bless you, friend.

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