INDIA182: Day 26 debrief. . .


Praise the Lord! He is good all the time!
I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today but awoke to God’s voice clearly speaking all through out the day! The day was again towards the following week which is starting tomorrow in which I’m suppose to be asleep right now but you guys need to be updated so it’s all good. (:
I guess to sum it all up, God has really blessed me today with a comforting promise in His faithfulness in never leaving me through many many confirmation and prayers. Ywam Bangalore has been such a blessing and these 2 weeks here has given me such a greater bond than I ever thought I would have. God has really blessed me with a great tons of new found friends that I will keep in contact with. (:
I had a lovely lovely night getting to cut my own cake in a orphanage and ending up eating dinner there as well. (:
I would like to also mention the wonderful egg puff cake I received in the morning which was a once in a lifetime kind of a thing hahaha God bless India!!
Prayer requests: Danny(teammate) and I will be traveling by bus for about 14-16 hours down south to our next destination at the southern tip of India. The down side is that all the good direct buses were booked so we’re praying for God’s provision in our travels as we will have to take 2 if not a couple of buses to get there. We leave at 3am so I’m gonna leave it at that and ask for strength and wisdom on the road for our team tomorrow. And most importantly, the kids hearts at the boarding school we’re going to; to be prepared now in God’s revelation to pour radically in their lives!! Let it be!!

Much love from India!!

Ps. Day 25 debrief. . .
Got to head to a church with over 200 kids (not all Christians) and have them do the bananas unite game along with worship and a powerful talk by George Ebenezer about the love of God towards their identity.
Pray that these seeds sown will take root and continue to grow in these teens and children’s lives.

Sorry if you don’t receive any updates for the next week!! The village that we’re going to for a week at the boarding school might not have any network let alone wifi!! Please pray for that as well. (: God bless you guys.


2 thoughts on “INDIA182: Day 26 debrief. . .

  1. Alphra Tse says:

    Dear Son,HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)Feel sorry can’t celebrate your 20th Birthday.However,glad to see so many lovely people celebrate your birthday right there. I am still in HK/China, very hard to have internet.I will try to contact you if possible. Love mom 🙂

  2. Hannah sham says:

    hey Martin! Happy b’day! hope you had a great birthday! I made a song for you! just go on your own email and you’ll find it there! lots of love from Singapore!! ^o^

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