INDIA182: Day 30 debrief. . .


Our team decided to wake up at around 3am this morning to travel down to the southern tip of India (about and hour away) to watch the sun rise and see the wonderful characteristics of God exploding from the sea to the sky. It was truly a once in a life time experience to be at a point where three oceans meet and be able to intake the dawn. (: (:
The last couple of days have been so so busy from the massive amount of preparation and sessions that we have prepared!!
We had the chance to rest and practice on skits and such the day before.
Through out the day, we would just spend time with the missionary kids that many are longing for just that loving hug or time spent listening to them. Our sessions include many icebreakers (bananas unite is a big big hit here!), songs of worship, games, small groups where we teach about basic foundational disciplines that are due to their grade and age, and great outdoor games to bring the kids out and about just having fun. (:
Tonight, we had a session with the whole school in which I got the chance to lead the bananas unite game with 600 plus students! Talk about alot of bananas!! Haha
They loved tonight though as George finished it off with a little message of appreciating and finding value in the house you’re living in! You’re already given everything you want!
And of course, what else to end the night with, than a movie for the kids! (: great night! Really tired!! Haha BUT GOD IS GOOD!!
Please pray for our team as we are planning to be continue to wake up an meet at 6am to pray for the day and for the students here to experience a greater revelation of God! Also please pray for our leader’s back as we are expecting healing and rest for him tonight. As well as Coline, our French environmentalist, and her swollen toe that she just received today! Let healing appear in the name of Jesus!
And above all, that we find strength in Him that is always willing and graciously providing us!
I shall sleep now for it is very very late and I need to wake up early tomorrow. (: thanks for continuing to stick up with me on this journey!

Much love from India!!


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