INDIA182: Day 31 debrief. . .

Sessions galore!! Full on day waking up at 5am, praying for the day and starting straight up with the whole campus here with songs, icebreakers, and small groups which brought up children up to 50 plus to teach values in character and life! Really really amazing to see the strength that God has brought our whole team through out the day in being able to teach and encourage these brilliant kids here!!
The auditorium exploded with laughter as we did skits and did the schools personal favorite: bananas unite!! And to end the night with a calling message from George and an encouragement to live a life of purity and be a true disciple of Jesus through focus and obedience in Him!
Though there was some frustrations in the small groups that day with all the distractions and getting them to cooperate, God’s grace was really shown towards the gatherings where the kids danced and sang before the Lord.
Thank you Jesus for a wonderful day! (:
Please pray for rest tonight as we continue to have sessions tomorrow with the older grades in the school. And pray for a continued unity in our team as we have only a couple of more days to go to push past our tiredness and see God’s heart in us flowing out to the kids which is a great honor to see God’s glory shown.

Much love from India!!



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