INDIA182: Day 32 debrief. . .


Second to last day here at the school. I’ve really gotten close to these kids and starting to see God work in their lives. Though it was a really hectic and busy schedule with the boys and having small groups with them along with a full school session at night, the whole week coming to an end was worth it when the letters of feedback from the students came to us and we got to read the many testimonies of the impact that God made in their lives; and to find out that the bananas unite game actually spoke to a student radically in the sessions!! Who would have thunk!!
Tonight, we had the chance to head into the boys dormitory and just spend time with them. Haha I ended up spending some time tuning about a dozen guitars but it was so so good to see the smiles and laughs when the guitars were in tune or when we recorded a few songs together.
Today was a satisfying breath. (: though there is much more to do!!
Please pray for the school though as I had found out some struggles with homosexuality have been going on with the boys along with spirit of lust and gossip.
Please pray that God will continue to transform them in to a hope generation that is rising up in India!! And also pray for strength for our team tomorrow as we will start to our final sessions tomorrow!! Let Your glory fall!!

Much love from India!!


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