INDIA182: Day 33 debrief. . .


OK THIS IS THE LAST DAY OF THE WEEK HERE!! I am beat tired and don’t know how I’m still awake and alive. Haha praise the Lord for the strength that He had provided us!! We of course had to leave the school with a bang of amazingness so that included much running around and puppet shows and songs and skits and all that good stuff which came to the FINAL COUNTDOWN of kids going nuts with actions to songs that we had taught them through out the week and just a great atmosphere of joy from the Lord. (:
And after a many thank you’s, reluctantly, the students hugged us goodbye.
I will always miss you and the many many memories I had with you!! And I pray that you will get more revelation of who God is after we leave than you are having now!!
George & Team: my time with you was a blast of laughter and joy which I will always miss and cherish. (: I will definitely pray to see you again and know that your infectious contagious love will impact many more. (: I love you guys.
Please pray for a smooth day tomorrow as I start to head off by myself to a new location to see what else God has planned for me!! (: also pray for the current affairs of muslim hate videos going out towards north-eastern Indians (which btw look like me) which have resulted in a mass movement of people in many major cities in India from the fear of these videos and also killings.
BUT OUR GOD IS GREATER!! He’s got my back and front. (:
Thank you so so much for your continuous prayers and encouragements as I walk with our Father everyday to see His plan and vision fulfilled.

Much love from India!!


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