INDIA182: Day 35 debrief. . .


Kerala, Kochi, India: the land of the coconuts. Early prayer request and praise that God has prepared me in growing in my liking of coconuts as almost all of the food has coconut in here. Haha and pray that I will continue to like coconuts and become one! (: haha kidding!!
I felt like God telling me to rest these next couple of days so I’m totally willing haha the base I’m in is only having DTS for their ministry so there is not much to do. It was great to meet up with the Titus (SBS (school of biblical studies)outreach) again as I was as surprised as they were in meeting again. They were teaching about Bible interpretation and giving the foundational tools for the DTS to start interpreting for themselves. (:
Please pray for the politics in India as the news was chaotic with the different parties attacking the prime minister of cheating in an industrial endeavor.

Much love from India!!


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