INDIA182: Day 37 debrief. . .


Theme for today: fun with Titus team!

Recent news!!: I will be heading with the team on Friday to a new place 4 hours from Kochi called Coimbatore. (: (:

Rumor says it: the base leader that is pioneering the base used to lead School of Worship in the states.

I felt like a tourist today.
Went to my very first mall in India and ended up finding out that 9000 rupees of mine that I exchanged are fake which is a big no no.

But God is good -echo- all the time!! And all the time! -echo- God is good!! (:

I still have money folks, don’t worry about me (;
My mom was worried about me in what has been happening recently with the news about the hate videos and killings of northeastern Indians (that look like me) But I continue to smile and know that our God is bigger than that.
We’re taking a train tonight to Coimbatore so please pray for a smooth journey and fun times with Jesus!!

Much love from India!!


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