INDIA182: Day 38 debrief. . .

We arrived safely in our location of Coimbatore praise the Lord! After a few bumps in the head and standing for a couple of stops from the lack of seats. The night train an adventure of fun. (: I seriously like going to a place where I can’t understanding what other people are saying and just listening and trying to distinguish what they’re saying. (: thank you Jesus for giving me a greater heart for this place!!

We arrived pretty late and later than we expected but got to grab some noodles (aka maggi) from a stall, and then head to the director’s house to cook our midnight dinner. Haha
And we were greeted with a friendly face named Robin Philips, the director of the up and coming ywam base here. To my glee, I also found out that he is married to an Australian and of course we jumped right into close friends from there. Haha
I was awakened the next day with a great morning cereal that I’ve truly missed and a wonderful time with Jesus in His word which I’ve missed even more. (: thank you God for Your wonderful provision and care for you children.
Prayer requests are a many more rest in Him to energize me more for what’s to come the rest of this week and pray for church tomorrow as I was asked to lead worship. (: may the Lord and Him alone be glorified and may His presence dwell and fill our hearts and theirs!!
Also please pray for the spiritual atmosphere of the fear of rejection here as the culture is set in much reputation so failures or problems would not usually be revealed in families from fear of rejection or loss of identity in the society. Pray that Jesus’ identity in them will be shown and the revelation of His love will be demonstrated from our actions to love. And let our God break the strongholds of the caste system in this area as revelation is revealed in our need for this salvation that has been given freely!!! Ahhj!! Jesus come!!

Much love from India!!

Ps: I had an afternoon nap today. It’s a pretty big deal. (:



One thought on “INDIA182: Day 38 debrief. . .

  1. Alphra Tse says:

    Dear son, love to read your sharing. Sometimes, my heart is painful cos seeing you to sacrifice something you can enjoy in your age but you are willing to give it up for the Lord! So proud of you šŸ™‚ Love mom & good night ^^

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