INDIA182: Day 39 debrief. . .

Worship was very very good and new. (: haha it was my first time to head into a Tamil church and experience the incredible worship at the beginning that the pastor led towards handing the praise to me. It was really an enjoyable experience though it costed some sore legs from standing on the stage for a while. (:
I was really really thankful for God’s beauty today in the sky and nature as my eyes are opened to it more everyday!
While heading to a former ywamers home in the afternoon, I was reminded again of the autumn festival that was happening now in which many designs like the one I took were made in front of people’s houses.
Our time spent with the former ywamer was to teach village teenagers a greater understanding of an overview of the Bible. (as the titus team’s specialty)
I was truthfully distracted that afternoon with the mountains that we were surrounded with and the amazing sky. I happily wasn’t alone as the former ywamer was also outside and he started telling me a great many stories of his travels around as a missionary. (:
That literally made my day in just listening and seeing how God worked and still works today in many of our lives. The Great Provider!!
Please pray for this former ywamer as he is prayin for finances to further his ministry in his calling for this village that he is building a base for the youth and teenagers surrounding. Also pray for the titus team and I as we continue to work in unity and strength to spread His love to others! (: (:
Good night folks and thank you again for all the prayers!

Official Newsletter should be coming soon via email!

Much love from India!



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