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INDIA182: Day 73!




I believe God paints every unique sunset for us to marvel at His beauty and be captivated by His love for us; whether we are too busy during that hour to notice it or not.


INDIA182: Day 72 debrief. . .

Theme for today!
– Paint evangelism & cottage service meeting!!

What an amazing day, thank you Jesus! I don’t know how to describe how God has been giving me revelation by revelation through just traveling around this village taking in the atmosphere and landscape!

I had the best sleep last night! I felt like a new born baby when I woke up! Praise the Lord! Haha
We had a late start to the day which was fine for me as I got to do some personal worship time with Jesus and got to update you guys!

After lunch, we headed off to get supplies in the painting that we were going to do for the homeless boys room at the school. (: as usual, it took us an hour to drive up to the school from where Vimal stays but we filled that time with stories and revelations that God had given us; And we also stopped in some amazing spots to take pictures of God’s mind blowing creation/landscapes.

Once we got there, we had to hurry with painting the first coat and leave it for tomorrow’s second, because we had to head to a cottage Bible meeting. We arrived just in time at a humble abode (literally what looks like a cottage) where about 20+ were gathered praising and worshiping the Lord. Vimal had given me the honor and opportunity in giving the word to these village people tonight. I was
amazed and am still amazed in how God’s presence comes the same though the worship may be different in style and culture. That night, God spoke to me to speak to the villagers about trust and stepping out in faith. I challenged the group to believe that our God is still a God that moves and provides for their needs and for them to trust and ask Him who walks with them every day!

The night was ecstatic with the Holy Spirit and His word was clear to all.
After the cottage meeting, we prayed for all of them and blessed the elderly lady that had hosted all of us with food and the place to stay and worship. The food was (of course) amazing. God is definitely blessing me these days with such experience I will never forget.

Please pray for children already studying at the school to be a great first fruits of a hope generation transforming this nation in each and every sphere; being equipped with every fruit of the spirit with Jesus’ heart of love and compassion for these people.
I also speak in faith and declare God’s kingdom to come in this village that a fire would strike aflame in their hearts from their eyes and ears being open to God’s revelation to their lives!!

Much love from India!!


INDIA182: Day 71 debrief. . .

After our rushed procedure from Hyderabad to a 7 hour bus ride towards our destination, we officially arrived in J-town. It was an early start from the train station and I still needed to get in Vimal’s jeep for another 2 hour ride into his village. The ride was magnificent though the both of us were tired from the lack of sleep. I am always surprised and will continue to be surprised in the diversity of India from the different landscape to the different culture to the different languages! It’s like I have stepped into a completely separate country than India wherever I go!

Being a country boy, it was wonderful to step into this luscious area full of God’s creation! And stepping in Vimal’s ‘territory’, he has completely refused me in paying for anything! Haha I already feel so blessed to be here to just see the work God is doing! Through our trip, Vimal just continued to update me on his vision on this school he was building and the different ministries that were already going on in this village. Following from his father’s footsteps, Vimal had continued to use medical camps to reach out and spread the gospel for this village which has really opened the door for many to be reached. And his vision for this school for the orphans and children in the village to raise them up in Christian values to make an impact in a different sphere in the future is starting to blossom and grow as construction has started and about 20 students are being taught!

After we arrived at the village, we took a couple hour rest to recharge our batteries and freshen up. Then we headed off to the school which was half and hour away. Vimal showed me the plans for the untouched land and how it will bring opportunity to the children here in a passion to grow in and find a future in.
I also exchanged some ideas and plans for the place along with my journey in what God has called me to do. We spent some time speaking to the staff and spending time with the children that were studying; And then we had to head off to get ready for a Bible intercession meeting at Vimal’s church.

The night was filled with cries for mercy and the Holy Spirit to come and bring greater change in this village. Though the whole service wasn’t in English, I could still feel God’s presence there giving us strength and filling our hearts with issues to intercede for. I felt such a privilege to be in a midst of women and children literally crying out for change and for revelation. This is definitely the voices God hears and acts upon from the hearts behind these voices!

After the service, our stomachs still empty and our eyes nearing a close, Vimal wanted to end the night with a bang so we headed to a bus stop which has the best food I have ever tasted! I could literally eat this food for the rest of my life! Haha And this food brought me back memories of me and Nathan’s bus trip from Chennai to Hyderabad which we had a midnight stop at a place similar to where Vimal and I were eating at. This place called a ‘dabha’ was where Nathan’s dreams were fulfilled. Haha
Great first day in a wonderful place with amazing people!
Praise Jesus, He’s soooo good!

Prayer requests: please pray and intercede against the spirit of idolatry here along with the worshiping of nature. Also there is a great spirit of alcoholism and witchcraft in the area.
May God open their eyes from these distractions that the enemy is setting forth; And let them see their authority in Christ and that they are given the keys to the kingdom! Let them trust and rest in the Father which provides for all and is bigger than all they worship or cling to! May this city be a city fired up from the revelation of God’s love! May this mystery of Christ be revealed and that they will know that He is Lord. YES JESUS LET IT BE

More excitement to come!!

Much love from India!!


INDIA182: Day 70 debrief. . .

The beats of the idol worship festival of Ganesh the elephant god are ringing in my head as I head off from the city of Hyderabad with my friend Vimal towards his village in the same state of Andra Pradesh. Though the departure was pretty rushed with the urgent need to catch a 7 hour bus to the village, hope was left at the base of a presence that rocked the base during our worship time tonight followed with a word for us to rest and trust in the Lord. There was a new found strength as I left the base though I still feel the physical wear of tiredness pulling along; I choose to continue to walk through this season of the valley!

Praise the Lord for such a great day in meeting up with old friends like Prasanth whom I had met in the first location I was in when I arrived in India and then later in Coimbatore as well! He finished with his SBS outreach and come back to his home town and just caught me in the morning before I left later that day! It was great to finally meet up with Vimal as well whom I had met uk with in Bangalore with Bryan who is now back in the states. (:
A good time of laughs and memories flashing back and how it seemed such a long time ago but it’s been just a month ago!

Sorry for the delayed debriefs againnnn!!
The day after Nathan left, I felt pooped and very exhausted so I decided to leave that day as a day of rest! Scheduled for that day, I found out later that I could have gone to a AIDS/HIV ministry for children which really stinks but I just pray that they will continue finding hope and healing through Jesus who is way more committed than anyone is!

The next day, I got to go out and speak to a college but not just any college; a girls college which was pretty nerve racking but after a few action songs and laughs with them, I got to see them as my younger sisters and spoke to them about the main peer pressure in their world today which is the media reveal some truth in how it affects them in their mind sets of who they are and their purpose in life. It was great to see the gears start turning in their minds as I spoke and knowing that God will continue using the seeds I have sown in bringing them in finding Him!

So I’m off to the village and excited for the full schedule set for me this next week!

Please pray for my strength and persistence even though I walk through this valley, I know and trusts that the Lord will guide me through and His grace is more than sufficient for me! Pray also for this city of Hyderabad to have their eyes opened towards the idols of clay and mud made by human hands; that are nothing for them to waste their lives and kill the environment on.
But most of all, pray that The Lord will bring forth His rain and flourish this dry land to redeemed!!
Amen! Let it be!

Much love from India!!