INDIA182: Day 40 debrief. . .


Theme of the day: sweet mornings with surprise meetings in the afternoon.

I had my ‘work duty’ in the morning to make some French toast for the team which many of them had never had before! Robin (the base leader) and I have been joking for the past breakfasts on seeing if the rest of the boys would like Vegemite. So we left it at the breakfast table to see of any one would venture in trying it.
Today was a base cleaning day and just a gathered summary of equipment that was further needed in the base like tables and chairs and cups and plates etc.
BUT before that, we had to chance to meet up with a family who’s baby girl was 10 days old. The strange coincidence was George Ebenezer (the leader I had in Donavur) had shown me a picture of her before I had even met her! It only clicked when Sammy (the father of the baby) had told me that he knew George as well! It was just a God sent opportunity to be able to connect with Sammy and later coincidentally meet up with him in Coimbatore! Praise the Lord for His randomness! Haha

Much love from India!!


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