INDIA182: Day 41, 42, 43, & 44. (SICK LEAVE)


I was eaten alive by mosquitos. I have never seen such fierce, bloodthirsty creatures. Haha
The first day of sickness would be the lack of sleep and tiredness in the body. I really felt bad in not being able to help the Titus team out in cleaning up the rest of the base today.
The next day was where I knew I was getting sick. My body was getting sore and I had a massive headache and a slight cough. Praise the Lord though for His faithfulness from the massive amounts of healing that happened in continue to trust in His goodness. (:
These nights were pretty gruesome with the ninja Mosquitos trying to attack whatever exposed area of my body and fever that crept in as well.
At this point, I knew I needed to head to the hospital and atleast get a small check up for what been going on.
After the diagnosed possibility of dengue fever, getting my blood checked and praising God for His protection from my blood being clean, i have been popping pills and taking MUCH REST for the last couple of days.

Thank you so so much for your interceding on my behalf and the consistent prayers that have encouraged me to continue persisting as well; as the enemy doesn’t want this vision of God to be fulfilled. Please continue praying as God strengthens me and refines me with lessons of these past couple of days. Also pray that God’s glory and His glory alone will be shown in this place of coimbatore along with this new YWAM base that is anointed to send out worshippers and pursuers of God’s heart!

Much love from India!!


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