INDIA182: Day 48 debrief. . .


Praise the Lord for such an amazing day on my first day in my 7th location, chennai.
The night before on the train was an interesting one. So I had to book my ticket which wasn’t confirmed yet from the amount of people that were heading to chennai that day. So when I got on the train that night. There ended up not being enough seats! Haha and I ended up standing next to this man that was waiting for seat confirmation as well. We ended up talking and he told me that he was a coast guard and have been for 33 years. He started telling me stories of the places he visited and memories of times he almost died.
And at 12 am, because of the man’s connections, we got two beds on the train and we found out we were heading to the same place in chennai so he invited me to his house. Haha
We ended up taking the bus, heading to his house to see his family, eating breakfast, and just chatting.
I couldn’t help but continue thanking God for just bringing this random man in my life though he was a Hindu and I was praying that God would show him more of who He is. And funny enough, he also offered to take me to Ywam and check out the base for his kids to possibly go there as well! Haha And there he got to hear the gospel and why we do what we do from God’s love!
He told me by the end that he was so happy to have met me and wants to meet again!
For the rest of the day, I explored the base, rested a bit, and of course had to go to the beach since it was so close.
Please pray for my schedule here as I’m planning to visit the different ministries and see what God can show me through them!
Good day! (: very good day! I hope you guys are having a good day as well!

Much love from India!!


One thought on “INDIA182: Day 48 debrief. . .

  1. Hannah sham says:

    Praise the Lord! Your safe! Continue praying for you! Love Hannah! ^_^

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