INDIA182: Day 53 debrief. . .


From the past few days of preparation and rest, today was finally here when ministry would start! For the last 2 days, I have been just around the base helping out with the DTS and their upcoming events for their ‘love feast’.
It was also a time in which I had the opportunity to sit down with the base leader, which is always a treat, and find out that what God has been calling me to do, a group in the SOW team up north has been doing the same thing as well and is all for teaching and sharing it! It was told that much revival has been following this team as well wherever they have gone to in each church!
That news got me pumped up and excited even more to see the revealing plans that God has in store!
Today was a restful Sunday which was filled with Jesus time, a massive newsletter being sent, and another great spend at the beach where I got to meet some new friends and watch them play tag with the waves. (:
The reason for so much rest, was because for the last few days, I’ve been given the opportunity to teach a few skits and play the drums at this youth service on Sunday. So for the past few days, we’ve been practicing for the ‘everything’ skit which is a very powerful skit that speaks about redemption and love through Jesus, and practicing for the songs for worship.
So today was a deserved rest in wait for tonight’s service which went amazingly, praise the Lord! Though the worship was cut a little short, and the hall was quite small for the skit, it worked out perfectly and above all, God’s presence was there!! It was such a bonding time for our team as we saw our efforts of preparation paying off that night and knowing that God was speaking through our actions and words!
Thank you Jesus for such an amazing night! I pray that the church that you impacted will continue to bear fruit and multiply for your kingdom! There is so much potential in that church! I could feel it as I walked in.
I pray that you will as well bless our team with a greater revelation of your love as the skit and teachings and worship that we did will speak to us as much as it spoke to the church.
Many ministries are starting this following week so I pray for strength and persistence and discernment to do Your will Lord.
I love you God.

Thank you again for your prayers and willingness to stick with me so far! There are many more ministries to come and pray that Nathan waters’ flight will be safe and arrive on time tomorrow as he will be spending time along with my journey with the Lord for the next month!

Much love from India!!


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