INDIA182: Day 54 debrief. . .


Today was a start of an upcoming busy week. I started off today with lovely worship at the base followed by a rushed bus ride to the daycare ministry that offers to take care of the children of a lower class and teach them christian values with the start of the alphabet and such. ALOT OF CUTE KIDS I’d have to say. There was one particular one that stood out among the rest of the shy group. This little boy was Joel. A smiley baby that couldn’t seem to stop moving and reminded me of the stories told about me by my parents when I was young. Joel made sure that I was fully fed and occupied the whole time I was there. Haha
Celia, the leader of the ministry, whom is also a ywamer sat down with me that afternoon with his husband trying to work through her broken english and my lack of speaking Tamil skills. Haha it went really well though with many laughs of awkwardness, showing of pictures, and the explaining of her vision for this ministry and how it connects to her dream in working to heal the sexually abused children. It was very exciting to see her prepared project on paper including background information of chennai from its foods, culture, to dress and history of the city.
I greatly encouraged her and saw the benefits of preparation in her in depth study of the city God had called her to and the steps which she is taking to get to Jesus’ dream for her!

Another exciting person came today and arrived safely praise the Lord! Nathan Waters from Perth, Australia has arrived in India to partner with me on my journey for the next month! This lovely fella who met in Australia is really an answered prayer for an accountable partner for my trip though he is not coming with me the whole way; he is just the breath of fresh air that I needed. So you will be hearing alot more of him this following month as we will be starting full on tomorrow for another ministry that works with leper colonies through cleaning of wounds, handing out medicine, and praying for greater healing and for the restoring of nerves.
Please pray for Nathan and I as we had both had a full tiring day and need the strength for tomorrow as we are starting bright and early for the full day ministry. I am so excited for this!! Let God’s glory be shown!!

Much love from India!!


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