INDIA182: Day 55 debrief. . .


After a beautiful restful nights sleep ..We started off the day with prayer before heading off on a 2 hour adventure through the traffic in India to the leprosy colony where we were helping out with medical treatments and prayer of the older people.
I was deeply moved during this time to see so many people still doing normal things like walking around , putting socks and shoes on when most of the people don’t even have fingers! And that was a MINOR THING compared to their lack of toes, feet and even legs!! The reason for the loss of these limbs is from the bacteria of leprosy that eats all the nerves in their bodies till they have no sense in that area …

So it was amazing watching the patients being cleansed from their wounds and then handing medicine and bandages as they leave and praying for God’s healing hand to be upon them
One old man showed me the pictures he had painted and I was seriously in shock that they were so good and this man does not even have all his fingers and his hand was also crippled … But they were beautiful none the same.
I prayed for a women who had lost most of both of her legs and seeing the joy and happiness she still had after praying for her was so amazing to see God’s grace in her life as I helped her put her fake legs back on …
And all up in helping all those people with the little things like helping them put their socks and shoes back on. God really showed me how lucky we are to be blessed with full working limbs. And that it’s so amazing to serve people in great need. Blessed to be a blessing.
We hit the traffic again waving to random people in cars and on bikes that went past us and seeing people smile back.
We were lucky to have our lunch made that day and it’s so cool trying different foods and having this amazing leader of the ministry feed us afterwards.
We got home .. Almost
Haha got lost so we trekked around for about an hour looking for the base we call home as Martin took us to the beach to find our way back home … Praise God we made it and that night was so refreshing talking singing, eating with, meeting, and fellowshipping with the Indian DTS students and staff 🙂
Anyway, we love it here and it’s so great to see God working in lots of different ways.
Please pray for strength as it has been a long tiring day and that our next day of ministry will be filled with God’s presence as we want to be used fully each day for His kingdom!!

Much love from India!!

(composition by Nathan Waters)


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