INDIA182: Day 58 debrief. . .


Praise the Lord for such a wonderful few days from the preparation of joyful events, to the ministries Nathan and I have gone to that brought out so much laughter!
For the past 2 days, we have been very very busy in the base teaching the YWAM beach DTS worship songs, skits, and games for their upcoming outreach! We have also been pulled into preparation for the upcoming events in the YWAM here through creating crafts and signs for the decorations, and contributing ideas for designs and activities. As my 2 weeks are coming to a close, it has really seemed more than a 2 weeks stay here, for all the memories and fun times with the staff and the DTS. Nathan and I also had the opportunity to do worship and intercession to pray over this city and join the base in that as well, as they have a great focus and drive for worship and intercession as well!
Today, we got up early for our final ministry in Chennai. The daycare ministry that worked with youth and young children both in their aim towards the healing of sexual abuse, that I have gone to earlier this week was the last ministry that we were going to be in.
We were greeted with shy hellos from the 2-4 year old kids but we soon warmed up to them and got to teach them many songs and games and find out that they really enjoyed just clapping! Haha
Though the main barrier was the lack of being able to communicate from the leaders of the ministry having broken english, everything went out just fine! (:
At the end, we got to pray for the kids before they were picked up by their parents and prayed that though they were all mostly Hindus, that the seeds sown in their lives now would take root and grow in their lives!
And right after the ministry with a blessed lunch by the leader of the ministry, we rushed back to the base to prepare for an event tonight for the birthday peeps of the month in the staff. Being appointed as the MC’s, Nathan and I quickly planned a few fun and messy games for the group and the night was filled with laughter and faces full of flour from one of the challenging games, bobbing for chocolates. Such a great, joy-filled, tiring day! Worth it to the fullest!! Thank you Jesus!!
Plead pray for us (especially Nathan) as recent news of riots in Chennai towards the US embassy from Muslim activists have restricted us to head to some parts in Chennai. This actually quite excites me for the enemy knows we’re here and that we’re making a difference in bringing God’s kingdom more of a reality here. But please pray for wisdom and discernment for the Holy Spirit’s leading as we will continue this journey with Jesus! Pray for strength and protection as well as we wait in silence for God only for He is our only refuge and salvation!

Much love from India!!


One thought on “INDIA182: Day 58 debrief. . .

  1. Alphra Tse says:

    Dear son,
    We will definitely pray for you and Nathan. May you also humble to hear the suggestion of the spiritual leader in there. Very excited and glad to know you and Nathan have involved the different munistries in Channiel. Where you plan to go for the next stop?

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