INDIA182: Day 59! + little debrief of relief & grief. . .


These are pictures that I just copied from online. ):
this is what I could have seen at st. Thomas mount today but from the riots from the muslim activists planning to do another ‘demonstration’ of their disagreement toward an American movie through attempts to riot against the US embassy, the YWAM leader at the chennai base called me and told us to come back while we were on our way there. ): sad day. We got stuck in the base but got to rest and recover and play some volleyball at night with the boys! (:
Please pray for more protection and some way that I could make it up there before I leave this place!!
Thank you guys for your prayers and support!

Much love from India!!


One thought on “INDIA182: Day 59! + little debrief of relief & grief. . .

  1. Alphra Sham says:

    Dear son, I suggest you don’t leave this base now. It is because if you show your US passport to buy the train ticket, it may cause bad reaction in that place. PLEASE MAKE SURE THE SITUATION IS SAFE BEFORE YOU AND NATHAN VISIT ANOTHER YWAM BASE. Mom and dad will pray for protection and clear guidance for you. Love Mom đŸ™‚

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