INDIA182: Day 61 & 62 quick debrief. . .

Sorry guys for the slow updates on the blog. Thank you so much for the prayers and support for the last couple days where mayhem and chaos was happening in the city of chennai.
The riots toward the US embassy were ceasing slowly though there were more threats and violence happening.

Day 61:

2 nights before i was scheduled to leave the base to Hyderabad, I felt a great urging to head out to the high point anyways on St. Thomas’ mount. I really felt God’s moving in heading up there to read out the passages He has given to read out along with worship and intercession.
The only difference would be that I alone would go up from Nathan being restricted to head out from the fear of injury towards his physical health from the riots.
I decided that day to ask again but for us to head out towards the afternoon and by taxi.
Surprisingly, the leaders of the base said yes! So we got to sneak out at night to climb to this wonderful point overlooking the city. We were very quiet with our worship as there were quite a few people still up there and the catholic church was having a service as well. We interceded and prayed for the ceasing of anger and distractions in the city, and we also spoke out in faith that the city would grow to be a city captivated by God’s love. I really felt God’s presence up in the mount and just a peace of assurance that I was suppose to be there speaking out these words and the impact it is making and going to continue to make towards the bustling city. A great day to end the night with prayer and intercession and a great feeling of peace and joy over the closer revelation of God’s glory and kingdom over this city!

Day 62:

After a great historical night where we spoke out in faith towards the city, we stayed our last full day in the base of chennai. The toll of leaving was already felt in our hearts as many sad faces began to appear on the staff and DTS students. Through out today, I was approached with many ‘threats’ of needing to come back and ‘confirmations’ that I was called here haha I could really see that the both of us will be missed much.
And as we promised, we finished the remainder of the office work that was assigned for us to design these logos for future events 5-10 years forward; so they say continuly that it will be hard to forget us. (:
That night, I got the chance to head back to see the first wonderful family that I met in chennai when I first arrived! Memories started flashing back as I conveniently met this man on the train to chennai who would live so close to the base and brought me to his house and brought me on his bike to the base on my very first day! I had to visit him and say my regards before leaving. (: so we had dinner at his house were he stuffed us with the best food and later showing his coastguard pictures and finally letting is pray for and bless his family though they were not Christians. I will surely not forget this family and their wonderful hospitality towards me.
Please continue praying for our travels as we are planning to head off the Hyderabad tomorrow which I am so so excited about!! Please pray for the ticket availability and for the trip there to be guided by the Holy Spirit and His angels to protect us from any harm. Also pray for tomorrow morning as we have been invited to play some basketball with some youth and pray that we will also praise God through our strength and sportsmanship!! God is AWESOME! So much more to come!! AHHH!

Much love from India!



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