INDIA182: Day 65 debrief. . .


Wednesday night was the 12 hour night bus from Chennai to Hyderabad … Was tiring to frantically find some transportation for the night but we ended up finding a sleeper bus with flat beds and had a very restful night. We were still pretty worn out on Thursday when we arrived.

Our luggage and instruments together were very heavy in the 3 wheeled rickshaw so we could not go very fast .. To add things up the driver didn’t know where he was going but after a while we found our guide waiting for us to follow to the base! Praise God!

We went up the last hill and almost started rolling backwards haha so I jumped out and ran behind pushing it up the hill until we got our speed up again as I jumped in… Martin just sat and laughed … Praise God for Martin, what an adventure!

We met all the ywamers here in Hyderabad. They are all so great and welcoming once again.
We had the afternoon off and we both lead worship at the base that night (guitar /ukulele style) God really showed up and was a great time for fellowship and encouragement for the DTS students.

Today we met with the leaders of the base to organize our time and ministries here. They were so kind into preparing our schedules for the rest of the week at such a late notice.

In the afternoon we walked to one of the highest points in Hyderabad which was a Buddhist temple and we had prayer and Bible reading over the city with a small group as well.

Martin and I are still very tired but keen to continue Gods work in this place.
Please pray for the city of Hyderabad. It seems very quiet lonely and .. There are lots of different gods/idols here to bring further confusion. Please pray also for strength for another day and thanks be to God for continuing to provide for us, bless us and keep us healthy!

There is also an upcoming festival that is for one of the main Hindu gods which is a big stronghold in all of India and which the festival destroys the environment as well! Please pray for the breaking of these distractions and confusions from the one and true God and for this city to step out to see the light of hope and life! Jesus you reign over this place!!

(Composed by Nathan Waters)

Much love from India!!


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