INDIA182: Day 66, 67, & 68 debrief. . .


I’m heading back to the Ywam Hyderabad base now in a taxi, having just sent Nathan Waters back to Australia where he will continue to bring joy, laughter, and God’s love where ever he goes as he did here. Just a little shout out to Nathan if he is reading this: your destiny is here! Haha

Very very sorry for the late reply for the past 3 days as the ministries and schedules set up for Nathan and I when arriving to the base were intense and full on! Praise The Lord that we can worship Him with our strength and all of our heart these last couple of days! And also, thank you Jesus, we can rest in Him and have Him renew our strength as what I am doing today! (:

Day 66:

We started off the day with spending time with the DTS students at the base and getting the know them more. They brought us to this huge church with more than 2000 people worshiping and praising God! This really encouraged me in seeing the hope rising in this nation where there has been so much idol worship from a Hindu festival that was going on this week.

After the lovely service and meeting and greeting new faces, we headed to a ministry about an hour away from the base. This ministry was started by this lovely man that grew up being a street kid but then encountered The Lord through Ywam and got this vision to build an orphanage/boys home for street kids in Hyderabad. As soon as I walked in the campus, it was like a wave of compassion and love and joy hit me and I knew that this place was so anointed by God. (:
Surprising enough, the whole land and building were already paid for by the founder of the ministry whom had the support suddenly all come in towards his vision! He said that the support was up to 20,000 euros!

The boys there were so joyful and welcoming, playing volleyball with us and teaching me how to play cricket for the first time. Haha and afterwards, we brought them together to teach them songs and dances and taught them about David and how he trusted God with his strength. Such a wonderful night to end a glorious day where I continue to see God’s grace more sufficient! Please pray for this ministry in greater fruit in the boys being found and greater staff in that area!

Day 67:

Nathan Waters second to last day, we knew we had to push it up a notch. We set out early having a prayer walk around the area of our base and praying against the strongholds of loneliness and idolatry confusion in this rich district where there is still a concept that Christianity is a poor mans religion.

After a short nap, we headed down to another children’s ministry really close to the base. I was again, blown away by the intense blessing that God with this ministry and the discipline of the children as well down to 5 years of age! The afternoon and night was filled with laughter and cries for more songs and dances. (: though both of us were tired, we knew that getting up from the nap and heading to this ministry was worth it!
To our surprise, most of the children have come from Hindu families. Part of the children ministry also included women counseling; especially towards single wives.
Please pray for these children as the seeds sown will bear much ground, on the good ground, while they are young, to let them experience Jesus’ faithfulness and rest and protection! Also pray for the leaders of this ministry to see multiplication and fruitfulness in their spiritual family as well as children of their own as this couple has and will continue bringing God’s kingdom down in these children and families around!!

Day 68:

Today was a mixed emotion day. Nathan’s last day which was sad but I continued reminding him that he was meant to come back so it lightened thing up with a little laugh. We started off the morning to afternoon shopping for Nathan’s clothes for his sister and a few needed supplies for myself as well like a new pair of jeans and a shirt and some flip flops. All in a good days shop, we ate a good satisfying lunch with our base friends that guided us along to where we can buy what. (:

And then we headed to this lake where we were scheduled to do some more prayer walking from the recent idol worship of this elephant god that the Hindus would worship for the whole week with dancing and feasting and by the end the night would cast it out to this lake. And thus there were piles by piles of trash and pollution in the water along with idols of the elephant god pieces float along with it. As we walked down the strip, anger rose up in me from seeing such destruction of the environment yet God opened my eyes in showing me how much more His beauty and faithfulness and love continues to rise above this. Though we continue to throw trash at Him and spit at His face, the leaves continue to give us air to breath, and flowers that sprout up from the cracks of the trash are still beautiful and everyone unique. Praise You God for giving me this revelation in letting me see the hope and grace You will continue to be above our flaws and failures. And so we interceded for this nation, city and people; even as they were setting another elephant god into the water. And we drew in faith that God’s light will shine through to break these customs and bad habits; nothing to do with their wonderful culture. Please pray with us as well for this city in declaring Hyderabad to be a joy filled city from the fullness of God’s love!!
Thank you so much for continuing to keep up with me and praying for me! I really need the covering and strength as I walk through this season of the valley, trusting in the Father and shepherd to guide me and protect me through there are tough times of confusion and frustrations. God is still good and faithful!!

Much love from India!!


One thought on “INDIA182: Day 66, 67, & 68 debrief. . .

  1. Alphra Tse says:

    Dear son,
    Yes, sometimes we feel despair especially when we focus on the overwhelm needs and negative power from the evil spirit. In that moment, you need to look up and focus on God. I heard a story which may encourage you to press it on. “One day, I saw a boy walking on the beach and pick up a starfish and throw back into the ocean which I saw thounsands and thousands of starfishes have been pushing up to shore by the wave. I ask the boy why you do that since there are countless of starfishes laying in here. It seems he is wasting his time and strength to do it. However this boy replied me with a smile and said: “Everytime when I pick up one and throw back to the sea. I can save one of them. ” God treasure each soul and thousands of angels will sing in heaven when one soul is saved. Love mom ^^

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