INDIA182: Day 70 debrief. . .

The beats of the idol worship festival of Ganesh the elephant god are ringing in my head as I head off from the city of Hyderabad with my friend Vimal towards his village in the same state of Andra Pradesh. Though the departure was pretty rushed with the urgent need to catch a 7 hour bus to the village, hope was left at the base of a presence that rocked the base during our worship time tonight followed with a word for us to rest and trust in the Lord. There was a new found strength as I left the base though I still feel the physical wear of tiredness pulling along; I choose to continue to walk through this season of the valley!

Praise the Lord for such a great day in meeting up with old friends like Prasanth whom I had met in the first location I was in when I arrived in India and then later in Coimbatore as well! He finished with his SBS outreach and come back to his home town and just caught me in the morning before I left later that day! It was great to finally meet up with Vimal as well whom I had met uk with in Bangalore with Bryan who is now back in the states. (:
A good time of laughs and memories flashing back and how it seemed such a long time ago but it’s been just a month ago!

Sorry for the delayed debriefs againnnn!!
The day after Nathan left, I felt pooped and very exhausted so I decided to leave that day as a day of rest! Scheduled for that day, I found out later that I could have gone to a AIDS/HIV ministry for children which really stinks but I just pray that they will continue finding hope and healing through Jesus who is way more committed than anyone is!

The next day, I got to go out and speak to a college but not just any college; a girls college which was pretty nerve racking but after a few action songs and laughs with them, I got to see them as my younger sisters and spoke to them about the main peer pressure in their world today which is the media reveal some truth in how it affects them in their mind sets of who they are and their purpose in life. It was great to see the gears start turning in their minds as I spoke and knowing that God will continue using the seeds I have sown in bringing them in finding Him!

So I’m off to the village and excited for the full schedule set for me this next week!

Please pray for my strength and persistence even though I walk through this valley, I know and trusts that the Lord will guide me through and His grace is more than sufficient for me! Pray also for this city of Hyderabad to have their eyes opened towards the idols of clay and mud made by human hands; that are nothing for them to waste their lives and kill the environment on.
But most of all, pray that The Lord will bring forth His rain and flourish this dry land to redeemed!!
Amen! Let it be!

Much love from India!!



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