INDIA182: Day 72 debrief. . .

Theme for today!
– Paint evangelism & cottage service meeting!!

What an amazing day, thank you Jesus! I don’t know how to describe how God has been giving me revelation by revelation through just traveling around this village taking in the atmosphere and landscape!

I had the best sleep last night! I felt like a new born baby when I woke up! Praise the Lord! Haha
We had a late start to the day which was fine for me as I got to do some personal worship time with Jesus and got to update you guys!

After lunch, we headed off to get supplies in the painting that we were going to do for the homeless boys room at the school. (: as usual, it took us an hour to drive up to the school from where Vimal stays but we filled that time with stories and revelations that God had given us; And we also stopped in some amazing spots to take pictures of God’s mind blowing creation/landscapes.

Once we got there, we had to hurry with painting the first coat and leave it for tomorrow’s second, because we had to head to a cottage Bible meeting. We arrived just in time at a humble abode (literally what looks like a cottage) where about 20+ were gathered praising and worshiping the Lord. Vimal had given me the honor and opportunity in giving the word to these village people tonight. I was
amazed and am still amazed in how God’s presence comes the same though the worship may be different in style and culture. That night, God spoke to me to speak to the villagers about trust and stepping out in faith. I challenged the group to believe that our God is still a God that moves and provides for their needs and for them to trust and ask Him who walks with them every day!

The night was ecstatic with the Holy Spirit and His word was clear to all.
After the cottage meeting, we prayed for all of them and blessed the elderly lady that had hosted all of us with food and the place to stay and worship. The food was (of course) amazing. God is definitely blessing me these days with such experience I will never forget.

Please pray for children already studying at the school to be a great first fruits of a hope generation transforming this nation in each and every sphere; being equipped with every fruit of the spirit with Jesus’ heart of love and compassion for these people.
I also speak in faith and declare God’s kingdom to come in this village that a fire would strike aflame in their hearts from their eyes and ears being open to God’s revelation to their lives!!

Much love from India!!



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