INDIA182: Day 73 debrief. . .


Theme for today!

Enjoy the craze with the divine for that’s when real faith comes in.

– Church in the morning + Riding open hatch in the rain + Madagascar movie with the kids + motorbike in the pitch black night. Adventure times (:

Sooooo crazy gooddd is our God!! Again, another day out in this village I can’t even pronounce the name of. BUT, that doesn’t matter because God is working so so much! Woke up with the smell of fresh rain, calls of foreign birds, and a dim light seeping through my window welcoming me towards the new day.

Sunday morning was unforgettable; walking to the church right out side my room and stepping in the sanctuary full of people that God has given me a heart for. The sounds of simultaneous clapping with their native language worship welcomed me in as I thanked God for His presence that was already there.

Vimal had given me another opportunity to give the word at the service this morning which he is pastor for. For the sermon, God’s word for these people was of trust and rest in the Shepherd. That in all of their circumstances, God is more committed than they will ever be! And for them to let go of their worries and struggles to God and trust in His provision and faithfulness.

After, the word, a lady stood up to tell of her testimony of how she felt so much lighter after she let it go to God!
Praise the Lord for such a powerful word He has given to these people which can continue to find out that they can rely on this benevolent God!

After the service, Vimal booked a trailer to come carry this desk that we were going to send to the school for the upcoming office. The unfortunate side is that only 2 people could fit in the front and the rest had to be in the back of the pick up. I chose to hop in the back with this other wonderful guy that came to the service this morning whom was lending this trailer for us to carry the desk about an hour away.

The both of had a blast with the bumpy dirt road and the unexpected downpour of rain which left the both of us drenched by the time we arrived at the school. Haha
It was great though to still be able to praise God in the storm and not get a cold! (:

Vimal thought it would be fun to spend some time with the kids watching Madagascar, the movie, and then later painting the second coat of the boys room at the school. By the time we were half finished with the paint, we had missed the last bus so Vimal had to borrow a motorbike to head back.

The ride was literally an adventure in the making; so adventurous, you could probably write a book about it haha
We set off in the light rain with the old bike puttering along this bumpy dirt road. And to our convenience, the headlight of the bike suddenly to turn off and not work. So we took our courage of faith and rode blind in the night. About 5 mins later, I remembered the inclination I had at the house to bring my flashlight! I immediately praised the Lord for His all knowing kindness in His knowledge of this coming predicament. So there was light provided for our hour journey back home through the dark country side of India; dodging buffalo, refueling our bike along the way at this hut that sold fuel, and avoiding the potholes along the road.

Amazing night! God is awesome and is still working and this is testimony for it!

Please pray for the Vimal’s ministry to continue flourishing through God bringing more staff and helpers to take some of the responsibilities that Vimal all has right now which is wearing down his body and peace.
Also pray for the this greater attention to be provided for the children and the different ministries which Vimal wishes he could do but is occupied with so much.
And pray for our rest and trust that God will provide and that His grace will be seen to be more than sufficient.
Much prayers needed! Thank you so so much for sticking along with my journey with the Lord!

Much love from India!!


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