INDIA182: Day 74 debrief. . .


This village 7 hours away from me has really started to grow on me. Due to some difficulties of the weather and Vimal’s health, we decided not to go to the school today. But that didn’t stop me from teaching the kids here at the church a few songs and dances! There were screams of laughter and shouts of joy as our language barrier didn’t matter because we were dancing and singing for the same God! (: to end it off, I got to pray for for their studies and their parents whom were some sick. It is always and always will be a joy to see kids just closing their eyes and praying knowing that Jesus is hearing every word.

But that wasn’t it for the day, oh no sir’y! Vimal had made sure that I had at least one ministry opportunity per day and tonight’s ministry was house visiting.
Our ministry started at 6pm which was the suggested time because most of the villagers got back from work at around that time. We headed out visiting most of the people that I had seen at the service on Sunday. Most of the wives that we got to visit and pray for, were the only ones that are Christians in the family. I got to encourage, pray for, cast out spirits, and bless these villagers through Christ in me and Vimal’s sister, Grace, and a younger boy tagging along!

I was so blessed to have the opportunity to push past my tiredness and see these villagers and bring smiles to their faces. I was laughing randomly from how tired I was at the end BUT God got to use me in discerning and praying for these families!! Praise the Lord!!

Please pray for the families that would be struggling with finances and that the hearts that haven’t opened up to God in the families would break free from the fear of man and step into trusting in the provisional life in Jesus Christ!!

Much love from India!!


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