INDIA182: Day 76 debrief. . .


Many many apologies for the late debriefs and updates! As you should have been informed, I’ve been in a village 7 hours away from the city of Hyderabad and traveling around towards different ministries so the connection hasn’t been that great. I just got the opportunity to head into a bigger town today to top up my phone so I can’t get some connection back in the village. It was pretty good to be Internet free for a while I’d have to say. (:
Sorry for you dedicated readers that have been currently lost in the dark at this point of my journey with God but all is not lost! Martin is back with so smashing updates! 👍👍

Day 76:

Waking up in a new location/place is always fun.

I had a wonderful time arriving the previous night at the school which is the ministry Vimal is starting up in this village an hours drive away from where we are staying. We were greater with hugs and shouts of joy as I stepped out with my huge mountain climbing backpack; it felt good to be here. The last time I was here Vimal and I got to started painting the wall of the boys room which was still waiting for us to finish.
Vimal had prepared some snacks and food for the kids and also some treats for foxy: his loyal companion when it comes to biscuits or even to hear the crinkling of a wrapper that may contain her heavenly desires. Haha
That night, I decided to start it off breaking the ice with the children. And what other better way to do it than songs and dancing! The night was filled with joy as we fell to the ground from laughter and funny dance moves that the children learned.

So ALL OF THAT was yesterday.

This is the official start of day 76.

Upon waking up at 5:45am and deciding to sleep till 9am was a good decision. I did miss the opportunity to teach the kids a Bible story and memory verse for quiet time but good’ole Raju (staffing at the ministry) saved the day and took over for me. (:

After waking up and having breakfast with the kids, I did some observation in the classes for further suggestion towards the teachers, videos for the upcoming ad for the ministry here, and helping with any technical difficulties around the school; all requested by the accountant of the organization funding this school whom I had met in Bangalore but now in the states.

It is great to see this ministry have their primary goal to give education to these village children and future youth for free up to college! And to see the plans that they are taking step by step to see this opportunity for the children fulfilled; just so cool.
Vimal arrived later that afternoon announcing that I would be coming with him to this prayer meeting to give a talk. We also finished painting 3/4 of the room with only a little left.

That night at the prayer meeting, the Holy Spirit was really moving and I got to speak directly into each of the villagers lives. The pastor Raju that translated for me was surprised as well I was because he didn’t tell me about any of the villagers issues they were facing with. Praise the Lord for the discernment that He has given me to speak out His words instead of mine!
As many times as I am given the opportunity to speak, I am still surprised to see how God would move not through my words but through His revelational love. His kingdom be revealed more and more!

Please pray for these villagers as many of their finances are in debt and low which leads many of the husbands to go into drinking or smoking to escape disappointment upon themselves and their family. Also pray for a greater revelation of Trusting in God would be realized in this village which would bring forth greater peace and rest in their worries that they are facing with crops and their children’s future.

Much love from India!!


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