INDIA182: Day 77 debrief. . .


Because of the late night of the prayer meeting and eating out, I stayed at Vimal’s house instead of heading back to the village.

Today, because of the lack of connection to update you guys from zero credit on my phone, we had to travel an hour and a half top up my phone. It was also convenient because Vimal and his staff had to get some books for the school and I also had to book my train ticket for my next location: Calcutta!

Our travel there consisted on the staff and Vimal speaking Telugu because their English was not that good. And me looking out at this wonderful landscape and listening to some good music about Jesus.

While we were in the town, we surprisingly ran into Vimal’s cousin as we were going to see his other one! So we got to have coffee with both of them as we travelled to the girl cousin’s family and had amazing homemade coffee! Mmm.

I also got to meet up with the family’s two talent young boys excellent in speaking English because the father is a English teacher. The boys and I spent time learning origami and talking to each other about random things, and jumping around going a little nuts. It was just a good time that evening being blessed by the families hospitality and getting to know the two boys and seeing the great anointing God has on them; seriously so excited to see how God is going to use them in the future!

Please pray for this family as the father is a teacher in a Hindu influenced government school and wants so dearly to reach the youth in there. Also pray for the strength of Vimal as he has been given so much to take care of and needs strength from God to have wisdom what to take care of and what to leave and trust God in. Also pray for me train ticket as it is still an uncertainty that I have a confirmed ticket; the waiting line is 6 but I have until the 12th till I start off so I could still be confirmed! Please pray! God is faithful and good and that’s all I need!

Thank you guys for staying with me for so long. Your prayers are seriously even better than traveling physically with me! May the kingdom of God that is already here but yet to be revealed be brought to the villages, cities, and towns God brings me to; that their eyes may be opened in realizing they are princes and princesses with kingdoms prepared by the Lord of Lords to build up the kingdom of heaven if they would only accept the free grace that Jesus offers with the eternal life with Him starting now.

Much love from India!!


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