INDIA182: Day 78 debrief. . .



For all my dedicated readers and travelers with me! Many pleads for forgiveness as the places I’ve been lately have restricted me to have network access, let alone Internet access! So please brace yourself for the flood of debriefs and updates coming in!!! God bless!!

Today’s focus is really up to what happened tonight. On the first Friday of every month. The pastors under Vimal’s ministry that are from surrounding villages come and have an all night prayers meeting. It was really encouraging to see the dedication of these pastors along with some of the villagers in interceding for their town and city and country. After a late night from having to travel back from the city of Eluru, most of the morning and afternoon was rest and preparation for the prayer meeting and its worship. I also got the chance to update you guys on the past few days as staying at the school in the village has permitted me to do so. After tonight’s prayer meeting, I would again be going to the school in the village to help with English teaching, worship and intercession for the kids, preparing some shoots for the promo video for Vimal’s organization that has brought up this school and just serving/playing at the school!

Please pray for the pastors here to see God’s favor through greater fruit in their ministries as they each have been surviving on less than $50 a month. Also pray that the cries and prayers prayed every month will be shown soon; God knows best and may His will be done! Let strength and peace continue to flow into these people as they focus on You and You alone!

Much love from India!!


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