INDIA182: Day 80 debrief. . .


My first Sunday in the village. Seems strange as it feels like I have been here so much longer. Vimal had assigned me with 2 churches to preach at in the village. Now thus just crazy in how I’m getting set up to preach in churches!

The first church welcomed me in to their humble abode with a congregation of 20 or so and a wonderful set up of half built walls on both sides to welcome in the slight morning breeze and natural sunlight. For the word from God, He has just been continuing to give me trust and rest in Him so I have continued to preach it and remind the villagers that their eternal life doesn’t start after death but starts now and God wants to show them that.

The most honoring and shocking thing that happened though was after the service. A mother with her 6 month old baby gave me the special honor to feed her baby solid food for the first time! (I have never heard of this special occasion at the 6 month mark for a baby but it is a big deal here). The funny scene happened when a little porridge first went in this joyful baby’s mouth. I could see on the face a clear disfavor from the first taste and I wondered at that moment whether my face was the same when I had my first spiritual solid food. Hah!

The second church was a more lively church whom the children of the school came to. So teaching an African worship song with a few dance moves was simple because half of the congregation already knew it! And in this service, I was fed instead feeding. Haha it was a young girl’s birthday and the custom was that the birthday person would feed the guest the cake! So I had the pleasure in having cake shoved in my mouth. Haha

Such a eventful day with so much learnt in customs and feedings!

Please pray for the husbands and fathers of this village as I have noticed many of the congregation are only consisted of women and children. May their pride and fear of rejection be broken as they find that their job and the money that they are making is nothing to their relationship with the faithful Provider. Also pray that the villagers will have a greater in trust in God; not from just coming to church and doing the right things. But would they realize the relationship behind the true definition of Christianity.

Much love from India!!


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