INDIA182: Day 83 + debrief!!


Today is my final sessions with the kids and I have already seen such growth within this week in staying with them!

Through out the sessions, my main focus was to teach them about pronunciation. The student’s issue was not the problem of spelling but of reading and communication because, from what I’ve observed, there were no practicals in English that were given. So I gave them some practicals to do during the class in speaking English and trying to pronounce words that they haven’t learned yet.

Vimal (the crazy man) came back today from Hyderabad in a rush to get some papers filled for the school and also to get ready for the full day shoot tomorrow.

Please pray for the teachers at the school to continue applying what had been taught this week so to secure a greater foundation for the kids reading skills in the future!! Also pray for Vimal and I in strength for tomorrow’s shoot for the ministry’s promo.

Thank you guys for being so so patient in these debriefs!!

Much love from India!!


One thought on “INDIA182: Day 83 + debrief!!

  1. Alphra Tse says:

    Wow! Martin, never know that you have this telent and gift to teach the kids of pronunciation in English language. The more you serve The Lord in the field, the more you realize your different gifts, right!? May be another way round. The more you are willing and open to serve, the more gifts God will grant to you ^_* Love mom

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