INDIA182: Day 84 debrief. . .

My last day in J-town. Vimal had given me a suggestion in whether i would prefer coming with him to Hyderabad tonight so he can send me off on the train or to stay an extra day on Friday and take a train from there. I had a lot to update and transfer through wifi so I decided to take the trip with Vimal tonight.

It was a very difficult decision because that would mean I would have one less day with the kids at the school. It was also a very very busy day because of the full day shoot for the ministry promo.

We interviewed a pastor about the links of pastors behind Vimal to start off the morning. Then we immediately headed to the school to interview a child and his story behind coming in this school ministry. It was really shocking to see how much the kids don’t want to go back home due to the abusive family or frustrated situation.

Afterwards, I got to give my final goodbyes to the kids who I am really proud to have seen such growth in such a short time! Praise the Lord! I had to tear my self from the fierce hugs and tugs, because of the lack of time, and I departed from the lovely school that will impact thousands.

Good news: we got to finish the shoot, thank you Jesus! It was a wonderful day full of wonderful scenes where I got to take.

Please pray for the memory on my phone because it is running low and I need to transfer the photos through wifi to my Mac at home. So may I have the capacity to take more photos till I can transfer these photos!! Also pray for my 20 hour train ride to Kolkata tomorrow as we are taking a bus to Hyderabad tonight! Hectic hectic hectic! God is good!!

Much love from India!!



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