INDIA182: Day 85! + debriefs. . .


We arrived in Hyderabad safely! Praise the Lord! It was only a transitional stop till my train left at around 4pm today.

Vimal and I both woke up a little late to the stop we were supposed to get off in. But Vimal being Vimal had some connections with a child hood friend really near by and we just stopped at his house, freshened up, headed off to the so I could get some updating going. The sad side of my small visit to the base was the fact that, that one hour I was there was the hour where the energy would be shut off.

Please pray for my overload in memory situation on my phone to be resolved soon! Hopefully I can get some wifi when I get to Kolkata! (:

I had my first visit to a McDonald’s in India. I had to have a last meal with Vimal before I left. (Of course I was going to pay since he has refused for me to pay for so long) haha
I’m gonna miss this guy but I know that I will see him soon!

But for now, I’m off on a 20 hour train ride with new people I can meet and possibly they can see the love of God!

Please pray for a smooth ride and that the Holy Spirit will be my only guide for the rest of this journey! Also pray for my strength to continue being restored through His unending grace and faithfulness!!

Much love from India!!


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