INDIA182: Day 86 debrief. . .

I have finally arrived in Kolkata!

Funny story: my mom texted me on how long it would take for me to get to mother Teresa’s place because she thought I was staying at her place. Haha

Anyways! The arrival time was 7:30ish pm. Most of the morning and afternoon included in building my relationship with the passengers sitting next to me on the train, getting blasted with revelation of God and who I am more through podcasting, and talking to Jesus.

A theme and season that God wants to show me through this long vast valley that I’m currently walking through: how freaking annoyingly faithful He is; how many times I fall and struggle to trust in Him. He just is always there.

My heart always races when I arrive to a new place. And as I have anticipated, Kolkata is different from as all the other places I’ve been. The first thing I’ve noticed is the structured buildings are more westernized than the other cities I’ve been in. Another interesting fact is the increased amount of yellow cabs used here; probably something left from the British. Thus that concludes a nights observation in Kolkata.

I had a great meeting with the wife of the base leader who gave me a little orientation to ywam Kolkata when I arrived at their house. She apologized for the lack of hospitality from the lack of rest the ministries had from preparing for the 30th anniversary of Ywam India 2 weeks ago! Praise the Lord! May Ywam touch more lives through out its burning years!
Sleepy time now BUT excited to meet the morning with new people, ministries, and India!

Please pray for this city as one of the main Hindu festivals are happening these next 2 weeks. Please pray that these distractions will fall from these lost people’s hearts, and they may see God’s open arms towards them. And they may know and believe that it is His love and His love alone that will ever satisfy!! Would they not worship the god of destruction and revenge but rather the God of restoration and love!! Would they not just see Jesus and how He’s been there crying for them to come home!

May they hear You Lord.

Much love from India



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