INDIA182: Day 87 debrief. . .


The night when I arrived, the wife of the base leader kindly prepared a place for me near their house. The base leader was just arriving the same night from a few meetings he had to attend.

Apparently, everyone was really tired from all the preparation that needed to be done for the 30th anniversary of YWAM India. Ywam Kolkata being one of the oldest bases founded in India operated in different ministries rather than in one single location/base.

Thus my stay was prepared in the office of Ywam Kolkata; a cozy little loft on the top/5th floor of an apartment. I slept like a log.

I awoke early the next morning up in time to see the sun rise up; touching the rooftops of Kolkata. I had an early start with some good breakfast at a local stand outside. Cheap food that doesn’t make me sick! Praise the Lord!!

I walked back to the base leaders house to meet them for church. Rajan (the Kolkata base leader) told me that he arrived later that night and was dead tired but good to see me. He had also brought another couple which were the first founders of Ywam in India and have worked in Ywam for almost 30 years!! I had a really good talk in the morning with this humble man of God whom talked about his coordinating position in Bangladesh and encouraged me in my journey with Jesus that I was taking for these 6 months.

Rajan and his family and Silo (the Bangladesh coordinator) and his wife took me to church! The Assembly of God was what Silo told me reminded him of a “western church”. I can’t think back from the last time I was in a western church. Haha the service was good because God’s presence was there and that’s what mattered. The speaker of the church gave an excellent sermon of what it actually meant to believe and show your obedience towards God.

And after the service, we went to a mall.

And I ate at subway.

It was a honor to just be sitting with these wonderful leaders of India chatting about random food sizes and their prices and what was going on around India and the east.

And that was the main activities of the day. I was encouraged to head back early to rest and get ready for a busy busy week. Both of the families were tired and I don’t mind just spending some time with Jesus.

Prayer requests:
Pray for a covered week and good rest for the ministries to come! Please also pray against the spiritual atmosphere of the goddess of destruction and vengeance as many banners and signs are being posted up for the festival.
Also pray for the distraction and lust of money which is really high here; which leads to many other things like comparison, hatred, jealousy, restlessness. . .etc.
May the people here see the light of world and know that He was with them since the beginning.

Much love from India!!


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