INDIA182: Day 88 debrief. . .


Today’s morning stated off quite early with Rajan arriving at the house to give me a slight debrief and orientation of Kolkata. It was really nice for him to come over to the office thought the last two weeks have kept him so busy. He gave me a great review of a new season YWAM Kolkata was looking forward to with greater fruit in ministries and vision! Being a new leader to the base, he gave me a little of what he knew with the spiritual atmosphere of the area and he also generously sat with me to show me the ministries that were online during this time that I could visit! And while calling the different ministries, to let them know that I was coming to visit, he found an opportunity for me to travel to one today! The only issue was that I would have to stay over at the house of the ministry for the night, because of the distance between the place I was staying at, to the ministry here.

Excited and restless to head out, I grabbed a change of clothes and headed out. Rajan the took me out to explain the surrounding places that had good cheap food. (Super super cheap by the way) I would only spend at most $2 for a big dinner! He explained the bus route and the pace to get off etc. and I was off!

The little town about 30-40mins bus ride away from the city of Kolkata is Daspara. A kind little man named Sanatan and his wife, Dora, welcomed me in to their humble abode. We just spent an hour or two chatting and getting to know each other. I was blown away from the humility of this family and their love for God and obedience towards Him calling them towards this children ministry. The family does not have much. The only stable part of their house is a brick wall; the rest is built from bamboo and metal sheets for the roof. But this family was happy and looked past the joy from material goods. They have a cute little daughter named Blessin that loved to talk and they were the ones that were going to provide for my stay at their house there. Dora in fact started crying in what she considered a lack of hospitality that she could give for me, but I reassured her that it was my honor to be there. I reminded her that in Christ, we have everything! They are the only family in the town that are Christians and have faced much persecution yet still stand strong in God.

Before the sun set, we headed out to do some visitations with the families that the ministry has reached through the children. I got to see smiles of children and wives as we arrived to the houses to just pray and encourage. We arrived in a small house where 3 wives and their children stayed. For 2 of the wives, the husbands have already left them and so they had to find work for themselves. Most of the children of these wives would be sent to the ministry to be taken care of. God really showed me again, the great need in India. It really tore me apart in wanting to provide for all of these families that I’ve seen struggling to give not a future but just enough food for their children and themselves.

Please pray for this connection to be made between the needs of the struggling families and willingness for youth to go out and help and make a difference in a sphere of society. Also pray for this ministry ‘light of hope’ to see greater fruit in staffing, finances, and prayer support; Sanatan and his family is the only staff that are working there now. Pray that during the preparation of this Hindu festival coming up, God may show Himself and bring light towards the distraction of these man made items. Also please pray for greater covering of peace as the spiritual atmosphere in this area is pretty strong; especially with festival coming up. God is faithful and He alone is my fortress and refuge! Let a greater revelation of trust and rest be found through just focusing on His beautiful eyes.

Much love from India!!


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