INDIA182: Day 89 debrief. . .


Sanatan and his wife made so sure that I had a good rest that night. Haha With whatever they could provide, they prepared extra pillows, sheets, and a mosquito net which was more than enough. I was really blessed the day before in their hospitality and kindness and foooooddd!! (Oh my goodness, Dora cooks really well!!) they were the first family that didn’t like spicy food. I am so used to the slice that I had to ask for some chili to top up the flavor haha

The children ministry started at around 8am. Children started arriving to the resulting count of around 10-15. I was told that the amount of children had decreased because of the preparation of the festival. The whole week is a public holiday for the city to worship this goddess of vengeance and sacrifice to her. BUT more children or less, there were still children there for me to play with, show God’s love, and throw around! Haha I got to be an animal for the kids to ride on most of the time they were there. Dora also had a few wives over teaching them the basics of sewing and stitching so they could learn to get a job in it to provide for their family. It was really a chilled time at the ministry with nothing really scheduled and set for them. And towards the end, we just spent time looking at pictures of stories in the Bible and trying my best to explain to them what was happening in the pictures. They showed some empathy by just nodding and smiling. Haha

The other reason I was to stay the night before was because there were other ministries really close to this ministry. I also coincidently found out that the base leader of YWAM Perth, Peter Brownhill, (the base I did my DTS in) was teaching at the DTS ministry here in Kolkata; and conveniently, the place was close as well!

So I had a chance to head to the DTS ministry to have a little chat with Peter Brownhill about a vision God had given me and he greatly encouraged me in it. (This vision is not to be revealed yet from the lack of confirmation from God yet. You’ll just have to wait and see folks!)

After a little visit with the good humble Australian base leader. I headed to the mercy ministry just a 5min walk away from the DTS area. I met 2 beautiful women of God, which one really reminds me of a younger version of Mother Teresa, and had a wonderful conversation of ministry growth for them and a great testimony of one of the beautiful women named, Kabita, of God’s cure of cancer in her!! Praise the Lord!! He is healer and provider today and forever!! Her team and I then headed out to do house visitation in the slums. That time was amazing to just see the ministry and visitation be filled with His presence! In the final house, I got share a word and ensured the family the rest that comes in trusting Jesus! Good good good day!! Thank you Jesus!!

Prayer requests:
Both ministries has asked me to put them in my prayers and remember them in their need for prayer and support. Please pray for the lives touched today by God, in these ministries, will be spread out 10 fold the effectiveness and growth!! May these people continue to have greater wisdom to know God and Him alone! Let that the only use for their wisdom gained and through that, overflowing in the love seen in the Father!!
Also pray for the children here to receive dreams and visions at this age to see Jesus and fall in love with Him; to let to of these things that will never satisfy.

Much love from India!!


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