INDIA182: Day 92 debrief. . .


Theme for today:
Day of kids that liked me and didn’t like me. And of course coffee break!

I took my time waking up today to make sure a sickness wouldn’t spring up on me. (: Good ‘ole Rajan (Kolkata YWAM base leader) gave me a call to check on me and see if I was doing better and reminded me of another children ministry that was near by that took in orphaned kids/street kids.

Eager to leave the desolate place that I have been stuck in, I skipped, jumped, and hopped to the children looking forward to play fight with the kids there! Haha

I arrived with an accepted answer to my secret request. I steadied myself in knowing the kids which took me in quickly like family and we played and danced and talked. Haha there was just one little girl that wasn’t too fond of me. I EVEN offered candy to her but she wouldn’t buy it. Haha
Towards the end, I eventually got her to smile at me but she still doesn’t let me near her. Hana

An unexpected convenience was the increased amount of connections I found for my next area of India: the northeast!!

I also got to meet there lovely volunteers that I got to schedule worship and intercession times with for tomorrow’s visit to the high places!!
Hehe! I love meeting new people and worship!

So after a full on afternoon and rush of excitement from new friends made and new events coming up in Kolkata, I took some time in a cafe in India to sip on a well deserved coffee frappé.

Prayer requests:
Pray for my strength to continue growing and that I will put sometime aside praising God with my strength which I am called to do! In this, I may have a greater immune system and more energy!!
Also pray for this ministry that is housing & teaching street children God’s love. May these seeds make an last impact and root in their lives till they search and find You, Jesus.
Lastly, pray for the upcoming worship and intercession time at the high places. May God’s voice and words be heard and sink into this society though they are so distracted by the loose satisfy of money and false customs that do not assure blessings.
Please Lord come into these people’s lives!

Much love from India!!


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