INDIA182: Day 94 debrief. . .

I am so sorry for breaking the custom of a picture and debrief per day. I truthfully have no excuse for not putting these pictures up and debriefs. The only issue I would put out is the increased spiritual pressure from the Puja festival that was occurring while my stay was here.

Day 94:

Themes of the day: Nagaland church service + adventurous search for THE blue sky + wonderful stroll in Victoria memorial park.

A wonderful morning to start off the wonderful day! Praise the Lord! I was awakened earlier than usual by a call from Yen that the time for church had changed! Haha so I threw on some half-classy clothes, jumped in the van with Yen’s family, Miriam, & Yvette (the 2 Ywam girls that I met at the children’s ministry near to where I stay), and we sped off to the Nagaland church!

It, for some reason, seemed like I haven’t been to church in a while. I guess the last time I remembered was the church times in the village. Haha
the service was pleasant and formerly with a surprise visit from a talented missionary team that came down from Nagaland and sang for the church service. (The songs reminded me of Hawaii for some reason)

After the church service, we were of course invited to take the snacks prepared for us and chatted with a few of the church members on how the year was going for them and what they were looking for in the horizon. It just dawned on me that the Nagaland revival had only started about 120 years ago when they first came to know about Jesus! Now there are tons of Nagaland missionaries that I’ve come across my travels in India. It’s really great to see the hand of God continue to work steadily in not only opening eyes to see His kingdom now on earth but disciplining these nations towards a lifestyle of living with Jesus in the kingdom now!

Afterward the chattering and snacks had gone down, Miriam, Yvette, and I were left to fend for ourselves. Yvette was so looking forward to finding this restaurant near the church called Blue Sky. Apparently very popular and well know. And by the end of about an hour of searching and asking around, WE FOUND IT! Haha hallelujah!
And yes! The search was worth it because of the amazing cheap food. (And to also mention the amount of tourists that came to this place.) haha I truly haven’t seen so many foreigners in one place since I’ve come to India! It’s good. It reminds me more of Ywam.

So with our bellies full of Blue Sky goodness, we ended up taking a stroll towards Victoria memorial (supposedly a British government house during the time of its reign over India.) and now turned into a beautiful park and museum. From there, we picked a nice place on the grass and told each other about our testimonies as the sun set over this truly gorgeous park.

Wow. Beautiful day! Thank you Jesus!!

Prayer requests:
I have yet to see the lack of need in Kolkata where people and kids lined the streets sleeping or begging for money. Please pray for a greater breakthrough of visionaries and volunteers that may come and help shape the families in India which would turn into shaping the societies in India through God’s heart.

Much love from India!!



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