INDIA182: Day 98 debrief. . .

Theme for today:
A surprise booked train ticket + train buddies that feed you a lot of food! Fun stuff.

So I woke up this morning smacked with an instant call from Yen that my train ticket is ready in 2 hours. I nearly choked on my saliva when I heard and quickly called Rajan to confirm it. He surprising also told me that he was bringing an outreach team over in about 45 mins! Haha
Yes. I panicked a bit but then regained my conscious self, quickly packed my bags, cleaned up the office I bit just in time for the Rajan to come knocking on my door.

It was a quick and hasty goodbye as I had to run and grab my train ticket but also get to the train station from there. Random side note: the outreach team was from China! And the leader of the team was based in Ywam Perth and knows this girl that I knew that did the school of frontier missions to China in Perth! What a small world!! Crazzyyyy!!

Anyhow, the new hellos, wow’s, byes, and ‘what just happened?’ occurred too fast for my pleasure.
BUT who else but Jesus to be faithful and true with a random taxi just sitting outside waiting so I could just jump in and head to my ticket booking location! Awesome! Haha

So with Kolkata behind me, but definitely not forgotten, I made it on time to the train station. Praise the Lord! (:
And of course to cheer me up, God prepared wonderful talkative train buddies that love sharing food with each other! Haha I first that I have seen in Indian train rides. Two lovely ladies, one calling me her ‘son’, told me to never forget them; also given my background information to all of the passengers nearby about me. Haha it was a refreshing end of the day in a train to a new place with new friends filling the atmosphere with laughs and smiles. The compartment clicked so quickly in a matter of an hour. I should definitely bring food with me to pass around every time I get on a train in India; sure brings people together; that and chai of course!

Please pray for these train buddies as the more I get closer to them and know who they are, the more I am compassionate in wanting them to know about Jesus! Please pray that this opportunity will arise and will bring forth the mentioning of Jesus!! They know my dad is a pastor so that’s a start!
Also pray for the rest of the train ride to be steady and in the hands of God to bring forth rest and peace to the passengers and me. NORTHEAST, HERE I COME!!

Much love from India!!



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